Philippine Blog Awards 2011 is on, WITHOUT WANG² is nominated anew

This blog is nominated Best Entertainment Blog again at the Philippine Blog Awards. It has been a finalist for the same category for three consecutive years now. It’s both an honor and privilege for WITHOUT WANG² to be put side by side the country’s most read and most influential entertainment blogs .

Nominees this year are all deserving, congratulations in advance!

Here are the finalists for Entertainment Category – National Level:

Da Couch Tomato (
Darla Sauler (
JayL’s Movie Blog+ (
Mykiru Isyusero (
Pinoy Movie Blog (
Pop Reviews Now (
Reel Advice Movie Reviews (
Starmometer (
The Dam Nation (
Without Wang2 ( (

source: PBA

5 responses to “Philippine Blog Awards 2011 is on, WITHOUT WANG² is nominated anew

  1. Hi Nickie! This is Ganns of It’s a pleasure to share the same category as you; you raised the bar last year, so it’s both privilege and honor, really. I hope to make your acquaintance at the PBA ceremony this evening. God bless and all the best!

  2. Thanks, James. I really don’t know what to say especially regarding the “raising the bar” thing. Only one thing for sure, an entertainment blog shouldn’t be a repository of press releases from major TV networks. If that’s what you mean then I’ll take it as a compliment…I will be there but a bit late. I have a Saturday class.Thanks, again.

  3. Nice blog keep on going 😀

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