Is Julia Montes the next big thing?

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Julia Montes
Some critics say that one of the iconic films of the ‘90s is the Richard Gomez and Dawn Zulueta starrer drama Hihintayin Kita sa Langit. The good news, the film will be adapted into a television series and the lead female character will be essayed by rising star Mara Schnittka or popularly known as Julia Montes. In the serialized version, we will be seeing Julia without her perennial onscreen BFF Kathryn Bernardo. Also, Julia will be paired with Kapamilya’s hottest properties Coco Martin and Paolo Avelino. That’s a great cast to watch out for.
Think Before You Click
GMA Network’s News and Public Affairs has spearheaded a campaign for responsible use of online platforms. The timely campaign, which promotes cyber safety and wellness to Internet users, culminated in a documentary featuring dramatic stories showing the consequences of irresponsible use of social media. Nowadays that cyber bullying and online crime are rampant, we commend the station for putting the spotlight on this relevant issue. However, the campaign also made us ask: Is it the station’s way to remind its reporters to be responsible Twitter users? It just crossed our mind!
Baron Geisler
Everybody hopes that the fresh-from-the-rehab actor will finally clean up his act. And it seems that Baron is not failing everybody’s expectation. Early this week, offered a public apology to Yasmien Kurdi, who accused him of ‘unjust vexation’ and ‘acts of lasciviousness’ during the shooting of a TV show. The actor admitted his shortcomings and mistakes and promised to be more wary when it comes to his relationship and treatment with his co-workers. The 29 year-old actor’s 90 days in the rehab thought him some valuable lessons, which he is trying to apply now. How we wish some personalities follow in the footsteps of Baron, we mean it terms of admitting their fault and having the guts to apologize publicly.
…are not talking about
The self-proclaimed local Queen of Soul has just found a new partner that is very willing to gamble on her singing career. The partnership even spawned a new record that dusky singer calls All Souled Out. If you didn’t know, in 1991, a hip-hop duo from New York had an album of the same title.  Sadly, that album didn’t do well in terms of commercial and critical reception. And here comes Jaya reviving the album title by compiling 12 original works of different artists and then call them her own. What a great shortcut to being creative. Her practical ways only reflects how she is as an artist, in other words, mediocre and unoriginal.
Angeline Quinto
If everyone noticed, her own network has already stopped linking her name to Sarah Geronimo. We wonder if the gossip circulating around that says Sarah agreed to stay in ABSCBN provided that no one would link her name to the newbie singer. Meanwhile, in a totally different issue, we just observed that every time Angeline does a public appearance, she only sings covers and not just simply covers, she sings the songs popularized by Regine Velasquez. Isn’t it about time that Angeline finds her own voice and sense of style? She won  a talent search not to be the next Sarah Geronimo or Regine Velasquez, she won because people saw something new in her, or probably people were simply wrong.
KC Concepcion
In one of her previous interviews, Sharon Cuneta’s daughter revealed what her mother told her how to survive the harsh world of showbiz, interestingly the advice was “not to always believe your press.” Likewise, it seems that most members of the press don’t believe in anything that KC is saying. Example is her statement on the current status of her relationship with Piolo Pascual. KC dished out intriguing statements that impelled us to just read between the lines. Isn’t because they are going to have a concert together that’s why they need to create these noises. Well, we wish them good though we only see them together in photo opportunities and promo shoots.

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