Mister China Chen JianFeng wins the Manhunt International 2011 title

Mister China Chen JianFeng has won the Manhunt International 2011 title during the pageant finale held Monday, October 10, 2011, in Seoul, South Korea.

JianFeng is 26 years old and stands 6’2″.

Chen JianFeng becomes the 2nd from China to win the Manhunt International title (first was in 2007, Jeffrey Zheng Yu Guang) and so far, in the pageant’s 15 editions, China is the only country to have won the title twice.

Mister Dominican Republic (Nelson Sterling); 2nd runner-up was Mister Belgium (Gianni Sennesael); 3rd runner-up was Mister Vietnam (Truong Thanh), also winner of the Popularity vote; and the 4th runner-up was Mister Slovak Republic (Martin Smahel).

The remaining contestants in the Top 16 were: Australia, Bulgaria, England, Hawaii, Indonesia, Ireland, Korea, Malaysia, Mongolia, Philippines and South Africa.

Mister Korea was declared Mister Talent, while Indonesia won Best National Costume. 48 men competed in this year’s edition of the contest, which has been held since 1993.

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