Former police officer and wild card entry Larry Martin wins the first Biggest Loser Pinoy edition

Former police officer Larry Martin, 36, won the title The Biggest Loser Pinoy Edition winner after losing 101 pounds and spending 125 days training at the Biggest Loser camp.

Larry, who was retained in the show being a wild card entry, won P1 million and a condominium unit. Also, he will appear on the cover of Men’s Health Philippines in its November issue.

Here is the total ranking of the fab5:

  1. Larry – 39.61% (101 pounds lost)
  2. Art – 37.33% (129 pounds lost)
  3. Raffy – 34.37% (100 pounds lost)
  4. Angela – 33.8% (75 pounds lost)
  5. Hazel – 33.01% (68 pounds lost)

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