What the heck is Anti-Angry Birds Bill?

When I logged on to Twitter, this topic instantly caught my attention. Yes, the online world is intrigued with this bill that seeks to ban popular game “Angry Birds.”

Known as “Anti-Angry Birds Bill,” it is circulating and a favorite topic on social networking sites after a humor website of “So, What’s News?”posted this topic last Friday. The bill was allegedly filed by Rep. Winston Castelo of Quezon City.
The website also said that Castelo immediately thought of making this bill when he went shopping at the mall the other day. “Everywhere I looked, ‘Angry Birds’ this, ‘Angry Birds’ that! Where is the product diversity? Shouldn’t the DTI be monitoring the” Castelo allegedly said.

Apparently, legitimate newssites have already confirmed that Anti-Angry birds Bill is just a big hoax. The anti-planking bill law maker confirmed it through GMA News.

One response to “What the heck is Anti-Angry Birds Bill?

  1. Well, everything is already cleared by the person involved so nothing to worry about. Everyone can still enjoy Angry Birds! The impact of this game is unbelievable, considering that politicians are starting to notice it.

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