Vilma Santos back on the big screen

by Nickie Wang

Seasoned actress and Batangas Governor Vilma Santos lists show business as one of her least priority at the moment. She said that her being a public servant and a mother and a wife are undoubtedly her main concerns.

Since most of her time is devoted to being the mother of some two million people of the first class province, it is difficult for her to insert a showbiz engagement in her already busy schedule. But like most actors, who have already found a different niche where they also excelled and emerged successful, Gov. Vi still misses showbiz every now and then as being an entertainer already runs in her blood.

“I have already achieved all the things that an artist would want to achieve in his or her career. From, let us say portraying my dream roles, gumanap na ako bilang Darna at Dyesebel. These are the dreams of young stars now. Kahit papaano, napagdaanan ko na ‘yan. I was able to make good and relevant films like Sister Stella and Broken Marriage. At least I was able to experience to become a box office queen once in my life. Also I was able to collaborate with great film directors,” the Star for All Season stated during the press conference of Laki sa Gatas Nutrition Education Advocacy.

In August, the 57-year-old public servant and veteran actress sat with Star Cinema’s big bosses to talk about her upcoming movie wherein she will play stepmother to Binondo Girl star Kim Chiu.

Helmed by Chito Roño, The Healing (the film’s working title) looks into the life of people who have strong belief in the power of alternative medicines and witchcrafts. This film project is scheduled to hit the theaters next year as Star Cinema’s opening salvo.

“It’s not a horror film. It’s suspense thriller but not necessarily horror. You’re not going to see multo, lamang lupa or things we usually associate with horror films. It digs deeper in the lives of people who are into faith healing,” Gov. Vi told the StandardToday.

“This is a kind of film that I want to make. I told myself if I’m going to do a film once a year or once in two years, I want to choose something different a project that will allow me to offer something new to the audience,” she stressed.

Earlier reports said that The Healing is supposed to be the governor’s first team-up with Sharon Cuneta but due to sudden eventualities and conflict of schedules, Sharon was replaced by Kim. Though Gov. Vi did not confirm this report she said she feels sad that their project together did not materialize, “Maybe it’s not meant to be yet.”

A second round of meeting with the producer, director, and the cast of The Healing is scheduled before the end of the month and that is point when the complete cast will be revealed.

“We are set to start shooting in the first or second week of next month. I have given them my schedule. You know I’m looking after a lot of things too so I can only allot weekends for this movie,” the multi-awarded actress said.

Meanwhile, Gov. Vi feels elated that she is being given another chance to work with new breed of young talents. She is particularly excited to finally team up with Kim Chiu as she trusts the new kind of chemistry their collaboration will make. It also brings her down memory lane when she did the blockbuster film Anak, with Claudine Barretto.

“Working with fresh talents is always been a good opportunity both for me and for them. We can share our experiences with one another. They learn and I learn as well,” Ate Vi ended.

On Luis Manzano

Vilma Santos’s eldest son, Luis Manzano, announced that he is considering the idea of running for public office in the 2013 elections. The actor and television host has said that he is eyeing a mayoralty post in the City of Lipa.

When asked if she approves her son’s desire to enter politics, Gov. Vi said that she is more than willing to support her son. She has given Luis some words of wisdom before making up his mind.

“I can’t stop him from the doing what he wants. But I told him that it’s not easy to be a public servant, it’s not easy to sacrifice all the things he has right now. I asked him ‘Are you ready to lose your talent fee?’ because if he’s going to enter politics his earnings would not be same as now,” Gov. Vi shared.

Gov. Vi sees Luis as a leader and a good example to the people of Lipa. For the last 14 years, Luis has been exposed to what good governance and genuine public service is according to her

“He grew up seeing how I work. When he was young I used to bring him with me in important occasions. Siguro kahit papaano na-absorb niya yan, so in case he’s going to try politics he already has the foundation. If he wants it I’ll support him,” Gov. Vi, who’s a former mayor of Lipa City, assured.

She added that she does not meddle or impose on anything when it comes to Luis’s life. Either it’s about his political ambition or love life, she just stays around to guide and support her son.

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