Derek Ramsay and Angelica Panganiban’s secret to strong relationship

by Nickie Wang

We have heard numerous stories of showbiz couples heading for a splitsville even after years of being together and amid of having kids. Indeed, it is difficult to have a romantic affair when both of you work behind the camera. Whether you like it or not, you will always be the object of controversies and intrigues. Plus the public always expects for your break up.

To Derek Ramsay and Angelica Panganiban, the secret to a strong relationship does not always rely on what people think of them as a couple. It is more of on how they can keep the romantic fires burning even after years of being together. Their being a couple for five years can be compared to an embattle person, tormented but able to bounce back better and stronger.

“We let each other grow,” the Kapamilya actor told the author during the press conference of East West Bank’s new auto loan promo, “The love is there, of course, but our secret [to a strong relationship] is our friendship.”

The Pinoy Biggest Loser host said that he and Angelica started off as friends, and that they accepted and loved what they saw in one another. The bond that keeps their relationship intact is also the main reason why the recent issue about him already being married was laid to rest.

“Keeping this relationship takes a lot of hard work. We didn’t jump into a relationship right away, we became friends first. Some people when they jump into a relationship, they try to change that person into what they want. But we are not like that. Tanggap niya ako for who I am at tanggap ko siya for who she is,” the 31-year-old actor said.

Derek is also known for splashing out on expensive gifts for Angelica. In 2009, he bought her a Mini Cooper, it was followed by an expensive signature bag and then last year a set of two-carat diamond earrings. This year, Derek said that he is planning to buy Angelica another Mini.

“The first Mini I gave her is a vintage 1960’s model. This time I’m planning to buy her a brand new model,” he divulged, “But then again it’s not about the price that counts but how Angel treats those gifts. Like for example the earrings that I gave her, she keeps it in a vault.”

The actor, who has a passion for collecting cars (he has seven parked in his garage), plans to go on a road trip to Marinduque in the coming holidays with his family and Angelica for a weeklong vacation.

Loving the losers

Derek Ramsay’s current television assignment gives him the reason to love hosting. He admitted that he does not have any other television project at the moment but he does not mind as The Biggest Loser brings out the best in him.

“I love working for the Biggest Loser. I get to do the things that I love like motivate people and help them change their lives. If that’s the only television project given to me I’d be very much happy because, in the show, it’s so me,” he said.

While busy with the reality series, Derek is also finishing a movie with Anne Curtis and Cristine Reyes. The upcoming movie is entitled No Other Woman.

“It’s a very dramatic movie. It’s a love triangle. My character is a married man. The story started off on a fun side but when my character started having an affair, that’s the point when the story gets ugly,” he said.

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