A juicy week that was: Denise Laurel is now a mother, Coco Martin and Matteo Guidecelli involve in fistfight

Last Sunday, actress Denise Laurel bravely answered that question of Boy Abunda on The Buzz and admitted on national television that she is already a mother.

Well that didn’t really surprise the audience anymore because a year ago, at the height of her career (she’d been a staple lead on Precious Heart Romances series), Denise left showbiz and went overseas amid rumors of pregnancy.

In the interview with Abunda she said that her family got disappointed when she told them about the baby but they still stood by her through everything.

“I thought they would kick me out of the house. I thought they would be very angry. Not once did they raise their voice. They were disappointed but they talked to me, they asked me if I love the father, if I’m ready for this,” she said.

At the end of the interview, Denise still didn’t name the father of her son. And that’s the more the intriguing part. If the father is a proud one, why would he stop Denise from announcing his name to the whole world?

Another intriguing young star who faced Abunda last Sunday was Maja Salvador, who kept on crying throughout the whole duration of the interview. The host did a great job because apart from making Maja talk, he was able to coerce the actress to tell what she’s been denying for so months now by just asking the right questions (that’s how great hosts do it).

Maja confirmed that she and Matteo Guidecelli are a couple and she is also the reason why the latter had an altercation with Coco Martin right after the Star Magic Ball that happened on Saturday at the Manila Peninsula.

Meanwhile, The Star Magic management said in a statement that everything has already been patched up between the two actors and what had happened “was just a simple case of misunderstanding.” But based on Maja’s interview, ABS-CBN’s official statement is highly unlikely.

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