Tama ‘no?: Adel Tamano makes talk shows more intelligent by hosting ANC’s Tamano Perspective

The former senatorial candidate of the Nacionalista Party and ex-opposition spokesman has found a new way to express his thoughts. The noted lawyer and educator is bringing something new to our table by hosting ANC’s newest addition to its roster of intelligent talk shows.

Entitled Tamano Perspective and airs on ANC every Thursday at 7 p.m., the show aims to discuss anything and everything under the sun.

“My show is not going to be strictly politics. We are going to discuss anything of interest. My idea is it’s not just going to be politics, it can be education, can be culture can be sports…but I want to always put some kind of jumping point from that topic to a bigger more important issues. An insight or analysis,” the 40-year-old lawyer told the author.

Asked what drew him to the project, Tamano quipped: “Actually sila ‘yung pinapayag ko. I came here begging, ‘I don’t have a job, I need a job,” and then quickly added, “I think there are already a lot of very good journalists and reporters much better than me, definitely. I wouldn’t even hope to compete with them. What I would bring is that experience of mine behind the scenes, and I hope with that, I can give additional insight. I had my heart broken in the first and only time that I ran. And that made me realize that I’m not cut out to be a politician.”

Every week, Tamano will examine the latest news stories that can range from nationalism to family values and social media. But more than featuring a roundup of news, Tamano goes one step further by giving his opinion, as a lawyer and educator, on each story.

“There’s no fence-sitting allowed in the program. I’m not a journalist, I’m a lawyer and an advocate and so the show will reflect my training as a person who takes stands on issues. We want to present a point of view, a concrete and definite perspective on an issue, and we do this to encourage the viewer to take one as well,” Tamano explained.

A broadcasting greenhorn, Tamano said he sees his newest venture as a great way to learn new skills, expand his base of life experiences, and more importantly, to find new ways of being of service to the people.

“I’ve always valued intelligent public debate and discussion and I saw anchoring a TV program as a way to bring some of that to the Philippine public,” he said.

Tamano, the first Filipino Muslim to graduate from Harvard Law School, is currently the Dean of the College of Law at the Liceo de Cagayan University. He is also a partner at the Kapunan, Tamano, Javier and Associates

The son of former Sen. Mamintal Tamano figured prominently in the last two elections, in 2007 as the spokesperson of the United Opposition and last year as a candidate for the Senate.

“I won’t be a naive anchor discussing matters that I haven’t seen or experienced. I’ve been given a rare peek into the inner workings of power at the very highest levels of government. In a way, I’m a veteran—though young in age—in political experience and I hope to be able to use that experience so that I can provide better insight and analysis for our viewers,” he said.

For the pilot episode of The Tamano Perspective, the noted lawyer interviewed former president Fidel V. Ramos. In the future, Tamano also hopes to have a sit-down talk with incumbent president Noynoy Aquino, Robin Padilla, Sharon Cuneta, and former president and now Pampanga representative Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.

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