Robin Padilla gives daughters the go signal

Action star Robin Padilla admits that he is not an overprotective father to daughters Quenie and Kylie, who both entered showbiz last year. Like any other dad, Robin knows when to let go and now allows his daughters to go out on dates.

“I cannot stop them to choose the men that make them happy. Matanda na sila so pwede na silang maging cherries ng kung sinuman,” said the 41-year-old Guns and Roses star.

Robin gave his daughters this green light during the formal launch of his latest endorsement. He also assured that when he sees her daughters’ suitors he would be as welcoming as possible.

Meanwhile, during the event proper for his latest product endorsement, Robin surprised the people who attended the press launching when he threw a mobile phone in front of them. He restaged the act by throwing the gadget harder for the second time.

“I’m a violent person,” he said in Tagalog.

Robin picked up the phone and appealed to the press not to throw their mobile phones when they feel upset or furious. He insisted that every time we buy something, it’s our hard-earned money that is used to make a purchase.

“Reminder lang, wag na lang tayo magbatuhan ng cellphone, pag-ibig na lang,” the action star beamed.

But Robin was actually just having an enjoyable time as he adds Cherry Mobile as one of the products he supports. He is handpicked by the officers of the inexpensive mobile phone brand to promote its latest addition to its cellphone units called R9 Touch, a shockproof gadget that can withstand strong impact against sudden drop.

“Before this partnership I already had their TV phone. I use it to watch Mariel on Happy Yipee Yehey when I’m on the go, or watch my own series Guns and Roses when I’m not at home,” he said again in Tagalog.

In a statement, Cherry Mobile Marketing head Agnes Conopio said that Robin is their shockproof mobile phones personified, “He is tough and rough to survive all the blows that he has encountered in his life and career.”

Robin joins the ranks of other Cherry Mobile endorsers, John Lloyd Cruz and Kim Chiu. With this dream team of brand ambassadors, Cherry Mobile is set to continue to captivate the local mobile communications industry and deliver products that fit its intended market’s  lifestyle.

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