Little known things about Cristine Reyes

by Nickie Wang

While other people try their hardest, in a short span of time, Cristine Reyes has done something significant in her career. First, she was able to get out of the shadow of her sister Ara Mina and then after strings of important projects, she was able to maintain her status as one of the most desirable female leads in town.

Together with success come intrigues that usually have a direct impact on people’s perception on her. But Cristine knows that if she dwells too much on what the public thinks and says about her, she wouldn’t last long in the entertainment business. So instead of exhausting her energies to mostly rumors and gossip involving her name, she decides to have a better direction by giving more importance to her craft.

“Reputation is not at all important because that is what people think about you. What matters most is your character, which most your loved ones know,” says Cristine during the grand press launch of her newest soap in Kapamilya Gold.

The 22-year-old star headlines ABS-CBN’s banner program in the afternoon slot called Reputasyon. This is her follow up project to Eva Fonda, which gave her mostly positive reviews.

As a testament to her being a professional actor and a dedicated artist, Reputasyon director Jeffrey Jeturian said nothing but praises to the young star when he was interviewed by the ManilaStandardToday. Jeturian related that Cristine has improved a lot and that he sees her as a better and mature artist now.


Jeturian first worked with Cristine Reyes a few years ago in an episode of Maalaala Mo Kaya. The director recalls that actress was still young and carefree then.

“Cristine is more competent now and it’s obvious that she really loves her job. And we know that in showbiz, artists with that kind of attitude are the ones that stay and succeed,” the director affirmed.

Jeturian revealed that Cristine is easy to work with because she studies her line that is why she is always ready when the cameras start rolling. It is one of the reasons why it becomes easier for him to handle such a big cast that includes Aiko Melendez, Jaclyn Jose, Jason Abalos, and Rayver Cruz, to name a few.

“It’s nice to have actors who come to the set prepared. I’m proud not just of Cristine but of the whole cast, “ Jeturian added.

In Reputasyon, which premise revolves around a barrio lass who fights eagerly to clean her smeared reputation, it also helps that Cristine is paired with real-life sweetheart Rayver. Jeturian told that he does not have any issue in making them look good on the screen as they have a natural chemistry.

“Cristine and Rayver have worked together previously that’s why they are comfortable with each other. It shows in the camera how relaxed they are when they to their scenes together.

Complementing the director statement, Rayver said he is more inspired to work nowadays. Also during the press con, the actor told the press that seeing Cristine on the set of Reputasyon gives him all the reasons to smile and look forward to reporting for work every day.

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