John Lloyd Cruz and Sarah Geronimo movie part 3

Any positive report about Sarah Geronimo is a beautiful music to the ears of Popsters, the official name of her fans club. And if the news that Sarah and John Lloyd Cruz movie were a song, it would have been a fast track ditty that calls for a celebration.

The most profitable big screen tandem in local cinema is back. Remember A Very Special Love and You Changed My Life raked almost 500 million pesos in the tills making both John Lloyd and Sarah be honored as the Box Office King and Queen for two consecutive years. For sure fans of Sarah and John Lloyd are extremely thrilled that their clamor to see their idols back together in the big screen has already been given another thought.

In July last year, both camps had confirmed that a third installment to their rom-com movie would no longer push through. Perhaps, the news that John Lloyd denied courting Sarah affected that decision, thus putting Gerald Anderson in the picture. But things have all been patched up and the stars are willing to work together again.

The third installment of the A Very Special Love is going to be directed by Cathy Garcia-Molina, no less. Tentatively titled When a Man Loves a Woman, inspired by the song made famous by American soul and RnB artist Percy Sledge in 1966 and covered by Michael Bolton in the early ‘90s, is set to hit multiplexes early next year. Also in this romantic comedy film, John Lloyd and Sarah will reprise their roles as Miggy Montenegro and Laida Magtalas, respectively. And here’s a twist, Gerald Anderson, who was paired with Sarah in another co-production between Star Cinema and Viva Films released in March this year, is going to play the third wheel.

The official announcement for the third Lloydie and Sarah team-up was made during the Star Cinema Trade Launch when the lineup for 2012 was bared.

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