Angel Locsin and Phil Younghusband are exclusively dating only

by Nickie Wang

In this day and age when young people can easy get a boyfriend or a girlfriend even just after a few encounters on social networking sites, it’s quite hard to believe that young star Angel Locsin and Philippine Azkals most identified member Phil Younghusband are just simply dating.

In an exclusive interview with ManilaStandardToday, Angel and Phil said that they are content with what they have at the moment, and taking “that relationship” to a different level is something they both believe will have to take the back seat.

“We are exclusively dating…we don’t want to rush things,” said Phil and Angel quickly added, “We are just enjoying our every moment together.”

The Azkals striker explained that Angel and he have agreed that they will only date each other and that they will not see any other while in keeping the agreement. But what does “exclusively dating” really means?

Asking most people who have been in and out of different relationships, the phrase denotes both parties decide and make a conscious effort to only be in a romantic relationship with each other. But still every couple has a different definition of what exclusivity is so let just respect Angel and Phil if they can’t elaborate what kind of relationship they have.

Meanwhile, during the official launch of Century Tuna television commercial on Thursday, Angel and Phil were introduced as a couple. But during the entire launch, a sound byte was played on loop quoting Angel saying she’s single, which Phil replies “I like that.”

On a different note, this Century Tuna TVC has been tagged as the culmination of the grand publicity stunt that started in February when Phil asked Angel out on a date publicly on Twitter (read related article here). But the actress was quick to defend the striker’s virtual proposal.

“We can’t control what people may think about us because they now see us together. Phil is not going to enter showbiz, at hindi naman kami gagawa ng teleserye or movie so what’s the point of making a gimmick?” Angel replied.

This is the very same reason why Angel finds it hard to share her emotion with other people. She is wary that they might misinterpret what she shares with them.

According to the Kapamilya star, the new TVC is not the only endorsement offered to her and Phil. But because they “trust the product” they only said ”yes” to Century Tuna.

To Phil, who keeps on reiterating that Angel is his “lucky charm,” everything is purely business or in other words endorsement will always be an endorsement and if the offer is good, why turn it down?

“It’s my personal choice to endorse the product. When they approached me I instantly said ‘yes.’ I really don’t mind if I would be paired with a different partner. I would still accept the offer,” the 23-year-old athlete affirmed.

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