Failed eruption: Abalos orders removal of Philippine Volcanoes’ tarps

People…are not talking about

Philippine Volcanoes

Just so you know, the country has a national team for the sport not known to every common folks. Yes, as already stated, its name is Philippine Volacanoes. The 7 members of the team, who are mostly half-blooded Pinoys, dropped their pants for the mass produced under garment only for one reason, that is to raise awareness about the sport.  Do these men play rugby when they’re barely clothed? That doesn’t logical to us. No wonder Benhur Abalos ordered his men to remove the controversial billboard in Guadalupe, though some people find it a good diversion when the traffic is bad.


Philippine Volcanoes get dirty in their undies for Bench Body 2012


The forces of Jennylyn Mercado and Raymart Santiago, and all the support cast in GMA-7 newest afternoon offering were not enough to push the soap’s goal – to surpass or at least equal the ratings performance of its predecessor. The sports drama that replaced top-rating Magic Palayok failed to enter the top 10 in Mega Manila according to ratings provider AGB Nielsen. Did we hear Raymart saying that he’s confident that Futbolilits is going to be a big hit? Apparently, that isn’t happening.

Heart Evangelista

To save this actress’ arse from Marian Rivera’s fuming fans, her very own fans defended that their idol’s Twitter account has been hacked. Hence the derogatory remarks on hHeart’s Twitter account purportedly for Marian Rivera were not from the petite star, again according to her fans. For several weeks now, the rift between Heart and Marian has been a hot topic on tabloids. But what really made us laugh is that although, the words used in the unfriendly tweets, they somehow echoed Heart’s previous tweets, which just sounded a little classy.


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