Is it the end of Andi Eigenmann’s career?

by Nickie Wang

Without referring to statistics, we all know that thousands of young Filipino women get pregnant each year, but they don’t get the same hype as Andi Eigenmann. It’s not that her pregnancy is an immaculate conception, it is just that everybody is surprised and intrigued at the same time even if we are in a society in which unwanted pregnancy is common.

Twenty-one-year-old Andi will give birth sometime in November and at the moment she will be forced to leave showbiz as she can’t be visible on television with a growing tummy, unless she models for a maternity line or endorses a supplement that induce good lactation.

In showbiz, Andi is not the first to be in this kind of situation. We can recall several names that had to take a break at the height of their careers to focus on their pregnancy. Some of them were successful in making a comeback but others are still struggling.

Though the Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin advertising and promotions manager stressed that Andi would still be in the series, in which she plays a female soldier, the big questions is, will she have a career after her pregnancy?

This is the same question that confronted Jennylyn Mercado and Jodi Sta. Maria before, but because of sheer talent they still have a flourishing showbiz career until now. In case of Andi, who was given the Most Promising Female Personality award by Guillermo Mendoza Scholarship Foundation, it’s going to be difficult. Apart from the fact that she is not as good as her mother in terms of acting, once she returns she be assigned to mature roles.

More than losing projects and opportunities, Andi is also facing a much a bigger issue, which we believe she would keep her silence on until she delivers the baby. In an interview on TV Patrol, Andi’s mother, Jaclyn Jose, admitted that the young actress is indeed the name behind the blind item that surfaced in blogs and other websites but declined to drop the father’s identity except that he is her daughter’s first boyfriend.  Thereafter, the intrigued public speculated that the culprit is the Mara Clara star Albie Casiño, who had an on-off relationship with Andi. Their affair ended on a sour note with Albie allegedly calling the latter a cheater and a two-timer.

Then, another named surfaced: Jake Ejercito, Joseph Estrada’s son with Laarni Enriquez. Jake is Andi’s current beau, but they only started dating two months ago, that’s why the non-showbiz guy instantly denied impregnating the Kapamilya star.

Now, as logical as his camp can be, Albie and his family welcome DNA testing to clear the cobwebs on who shared those lusty nights with Andi. But that is actually not an option for the Eigenmanns as they are ready to raise the baby with or without the father who left Andi when he knew that her pregnancy test was positive. And of course, a DNA test could prove that Andi had been with other guys while she was still with Albie.

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