Sitti embraces new sound

by Nickie Wang

Sitti Navarro is still the first name that comes into our head when we talk about Bossa Nova, but when she launched an album last week, the sultry singer surprised her fans for she seemed to have embraced a new sound. 

The self titled album, which Sitti describes as a dream project, includes eight original songs and three remakes. The new record under Warner Music Philippines also features her collaboration with six-string master RJ Jacinto and singer-songwriter Gary Granada.

Like her excitement to launch a new record, Sitti is also pleased to announce her sudden shift of genre. Compared to the previous albums released by the singer, Sitti (the album) is decidedly less Bossa Nova and more on pop and easy listening.

“Words cannot express just how grateful I am to finally be able to record an album with a lot of original content. To some I may sound differently here, far from the Sitti they may have been used to,” an excerpt of Sitti’s personal note on the jacket of the CD.

According to 26-year-old recording artist, she is more hands-on in the new album—she teamed up with album producer Neil Gregorio and keenly asked for feedback.  She also became more concerned on how she would sound when she interpreted the tracks that made the final cut for the CD.  As a matter of fact, it took her one month to record the album’s carrier single “Wag Mo Na Munang Sabihin.”

“I believe the song has the right formula to a hit song. It’s a breakup song. Everybody has a concept of that but still it’s hard to interpret,” the singer muses.

The song composed by Ebe Dancel, former vocalist of Sugarfree, is a sentimental and slow breakup track that tackles about the inevitable end of a relationship. In music video that stars actor Sid Lucero, Sitti sings as if she’s lamenting a lost love while the actor seems oblivious about her existence.

The singer clears that the song is not dedicated to anyone as she is currently single. She gives credit to the composer of the song and to the producer that constantly gave her comments on how to make listeners feel the message of the song.

“It just came natural. The song has a clear message and the lyrics are infectious so I guess a lot people can relate into it,” she beams.

The new album also became Sitti’s creative outlet. Her own compositions “Baby I’m In Love” and “End It With You” are included in the CD. There are also tracks that feature her collaboration with Richard Poon and Jek Manuel of the ‘90s band I-Axe.

Sitti hopes that her listeners would join her in her crossing over to a new genre, which she consider as challenge for her to become a better singer and entertainer.

“I leave it to the listeners if there are changes with my voice or with the way I sing. I just want to give something new to them,” she affirms.

Sitti rose to fame when the album Café Bossa was released in 2006. It spawned several hits singles and sold more than 60,000 copies or a certified double platinum record. Since then, Sitti didn’t slow down until she became one of the most recognized names on the local music scene.

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