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Did Kim Chiu undergo breast augmentation procedure?

How can a girl so skinny like Kim Chiu have bosoms like that (see below image)? Television allowed us to witness how Kim blossomed from being a lass from the province into a fine young woman. That’s why when something changed in her appearance; people started asking if she did something to her body. Did she go under the knife or she is just using padded push-up bra to enhance the look of her breast?

14 thoughts on “Did Kim Chiu undergo breast augmentation procedure?

  1. obviously, she’s just using push up bra.. try 2 google gals using push-up bra.. you can see that it can really enhance girls breast..

  2. lol…i dont think so…with the previous size of her breast, i cant even imagine that padded bra could help her enhance her breast… 😉

  3. i think she had breast implants, they move with her body eh, i watched ASAP one time while she was dancing. that’s when i noticed she had bigger breasts 😐

  4. i also think she had breast implants because based oh her photos before one can say that there’s really nothing to push up there. It’s very flat you can’t push up any (no matter how powerful the bra is).

  5. guys.. her breast has implant… im 100% sure.. and her eyelid, nose, and fillers for her face… sure aq jan.. =).. xempre d nya lng pina obvious maxado.. pero look at her before and now

  6. yes she had implants. not just the breast but her face changed too! especially the lips…
    nagagandahan pa naman ako sa kanya, but na-off ako realizing that there’s a big difference/transformations when i saw her old photos compare to what i see now. and what even turns me off is she could tolerate to lie a lot every interview about the surgery. I’m a girl and i’m good at knowing how a breast looks like when using push ups (or even implants). sure it would help to “lift”, but NOT how big kim’s melons look like. basta meron akong palatandaan. its already a silicon baby! (of course celebrities can afford it, too)

  7. I agree. It seems like Kim got implants bc she didn’t really seem to gain any weight except on her “boobs..” when you gain you gain it all over.. unless she’s wearing some special bra???? I have small boobs too (28c/30b) and when I wear pushup it doesn’t look like that.. if she is wearing pushup bra I want to know the brand or what type it is bc it looks like a miracle. Lol

  8. noon at ngayon walang pinagkaiba,ang kaibahan sa look niya noon teen ager fresh chubby ang mukha niya,ngayon matanda na sya pumayat mukha niya,,,tapos boobs di masyadong kalakihan,hanggang ngayon halata bra lang ,,,,maganda si kim pagwalang make up,,pagmakapal ang make up niya yong noseline over ka kapal lalong tumangos,,,,

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