Everybody lilly lilly likes Ryan Bang

After a number of consecutive hosting stints and TV appearances, in different shows on the Kapamilya network, Ryan Bang has already become one of the most loved and awaited young stars on Philippine television today. And now, he is indeed ready to completely break into the world of show business with the release of his self-titled album.

I Lilly Lilly Like It : Ryan Bang Party Party Hits! Is a seven-track compilation of today’s latest foreign dance hits and of course, Ryan’s first ever single, “I Lilly Lilly Like It”. Inspired by the ex-Pinoy Big Brother Housemate’s funny attempt at speaking English, the song is primarily about his fondness for entertaining his Filipino fans with his hilarious dance steps. It all started when he was still a judge in ABS-CBN’s Showtime, and Ryan, being the funny man he always is, danced all his moves off to satisfy the madlang people’s request for some “sample”.

There is more to Ryan’s single than his comedic pronunciation. The song writer made sure that it shows the young man’s love for the Filipinos and his evident drive to stay energetic whenever he performs his acts in front of them. Also included in the song lyrics are his other signature lines that were arranged for a well recall on how this Korean lad became famous in the country.

What makes the song even more exciting to listen to is its dance beat that is so much close to the tune of this generation’s well-known novelty hits. This dance collection will indeed get the listeners hooked and make them dance their way to some more celebration this summer. Include this in your play lists for fiestas and other parties and you will surely be having the liveliest last-song syndrome you’ve never had before.

Other dance party hits included in the album are Pan Americano (We No Speak Americano) by Yolanda Cool; Parapapa by Cidinho & Doca; Waka Waka by All Star Generation; Git With U by PSIX and the Bang mix of I Lilly Lilly Like It.

Catch the Robinsons Mall tour as follows and get a free Ryan Bang Tshirt for every CD purchase at the venue.

June 17 (Friday) 5pm Robinsons Dasmarinas, Cavite

June 24 (Friday) 5pm Robinsons Starmills, Pampanga

July 1 (Friday) 5pm Robinsons Sta. Rosa, Laguna

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