Vice Ganda shares tons of comedy acts on Gandang Gabi Vice

by Nickie Wang

They say laughter is the best medicine. But what if the kind of comedy is negative or a snide remark that puts a person down for the sake of eliciting laughter. That is not comedy at all and definitely a bitter pill to swallow.

Since comedy bars sprouted like mushrooms in the metro, standup comics have become widely popular and become a staple act on comedy shows, only they just became tamed and not so vulgar. Take for example Comedy Bar, the weekly show on GMA-7 that aims to entertain audience while the show finds a new standup comic master via live audition. The show title really speaks for itself . Yet, it’s on TV.

On the other channel, Vice Ganda is also now doing what Eugene Domingo and Allan K have been doing all along, that is to legitimately bring standup comedy on television. But Vice’s own program called Gandang Gabi Vice has a lot more to offer—bigger stage, better lighting and sound and an interesting concept.

Last Sunday, we had a glimpse of what Jose Mari Viceral or popularly known as Vice Ganda has been promoting on Twitter. The taped-as-live late night comedy variety show featured Kim Chiu, Angeline Quinto, Bea Alonzo, and a former Pinoy Got Talent contestant as guests on its first episode.

It’s obvious that Vice Ganda’s presence was really felt, he’s a loud host, he joked around with his guests and the audience, he’s ubiquitous in other words. But the show itself didn’t really leave much of an impression. His almost three million Facebook fans and half-a million Twitter followers might find the show funny but the truth is the episode last Sunday was merely an extension of The Buzz and Showtime, and LOL, if you will.

The show opened with Vice doing a Lady Gaga number. He then talked to some of the members of the audience. Next he had Kim Chiu on the floor and they talked as if they were just in the living room. That was funny the way they horsed around but their adlibs were loud laughs most of the time. Vice’s duet with Ageline Quinto was really hilarious but when he danced behind the former PGT contestant who sang Yoyoy Villame’s classic, Vice looked like a dork strutting on the background. Bea’s appearance as adviser on love matter was boring and it seemed just a promo for her new series. Finally, the last segment was a prank, which was way out of the line. Whoever thought of including that segment may have a good intention but as what young teenagers put it—it’s an epic fail.

It’s a difficult to put out a show that integrates different ideas and yet it has to remain funny given that the host is a comedian. Punchlines were blurted out, some were hit, some were missed (even the sound tech was confused if he would really play the music that signals applause from the crowd or not). That puts Gandang Gabi Vice as generally entertaining but not so funny as whole. But then again, that was just the first episode, there’s plenty more time to improve, like canceling unnecessary segments completely.

Dating but not in relationship, yet

It is safe to say that after a failed romance with Dennis Trillo, Kapuso actress Jennylyn Mercado has found a new man in the name of Luis Manzano. The actor-host has spilled the beans on E-Live last Saturday that he and Jennylyn are “definitely dating,” which the actress confirmed on Startalk that aired almost the same time. Nice timing, right?

The real question is not why but how did these two talents working for rival stations actually meet. The answer: when Jennylyn started taking Jujitsu lessons (there were rumors before that she decided to learn self defense because she was a battered girlfriend), apparently Luis was also in the same training center enrolled in Muay Thai class.

Their first encounters were during out-of-town shows but they became closely acquainted when they started training together. They used to exchange text messages that purely talked about work and that simple connection blossomed into something more special.

“I’ve been a fan of her beauty,” admits Luis who also said he already introduced Jennylyn to his mother Vilma Santos during Holy Week.

The confirmation came out after reports circulated that they were spotted frolicking in Boracay and shopping together at a grocery store in Taguig.

The next question now is when are they going to take this relationship into a higher level?

Jennylyn said she wasn’t ready for another romance but as for Luis, he’s definitely ready to fall in love again (since his former lover Angel Locsin is happy seeing someone else now).

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