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Charice’s new single is another singer’s reject

by Nickie Wang

At last, Charice is going to sing an original song in the two-part season finale of the hit US series, Glee. The 19-year-old Filipino singer will perform “As Long as You’re There.” But this is not the reason why Chasters (the nickname of Charice’s fans) have been busy online defending their idol.

Apparently the singer has released a track that had been rejected by a prominent UK artist.

Since the single “Before it Explodes” was made available on iTunes and Amazons, it has gained massive airplay on major radio stations. The track is one of the singles off Charice’s upcoming EP that also features the songs “All By Myself” and “One Day.” The latter is a collaboration with Nick Jonas.

What Charice’s local fans aren’t aware of is that “Before it Explodes” had been recorded by British singer Alexandra Burke, the fifth season winner in The X Factor (a popular show in the UK) in 2008. The track wasn’t included in Alexandra’s debut album in 2009.

Bruno Mars, who coincidentally produced it for Charice’s Extended Play, wrote the song.

In an interview aired on Star Talk on Sunday, Charice said Alexandra’s version was just a demo. That means, the teen star is the legitimate owner of the song since she’s the first artist who released it commercially.

We recalled that something similar had happened when Charice’s performed “Note to God” in The Oprah Winfrey Show two years ago. The power ballad written by Diane Warren had been in American RnB singer JoJo’s CD in 2006. Charice still received the credits though because she made it popular. Music critics even asserted that Charice’s version was way better than the previously recorded one. And that’s the same thing music consumer said.

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