Sarah Geronimo’s songs of heartaches

After one-and-a-half years since the release of the now multi-platinum record Music and Me, pop star and concert queen Sarah Geronimo is ready to deliver. She is finally back on the music scene with a more mature sound and a more personal CD.

Early in January, several weeks after the rift between her and Cristine Reyes reached public attention, the 22-year-old released a single coupled with a music video. The single was entitled “Sino Nga Ba Siya.” It became a teaser to the album that features sentimental tracks, generally about heartaches. Meanwhile, since its release, Sarah’s fans has viewed the music video more than a million times on YouTube.

Aptly titled One Heart, the 15-track OPM album, seems to be Sarah’s outlet for a failed romance with Rayver Cruz. Though she doesn’t directly dedicate the album to her former beloved, in many ways it depicts her current state of the heart. Take for example the tracks “Kung Siya Ang Mahal,” an original by Vehnee Saturno, and “Sa Isip Ko,” originally performed by Agot Isidro, are sung as if the singer was lamenting an unrequited love.

In a recent interview, Sarah cleared that no song in the album is particularly dedicated to Rayver. The songs “I Miss You” and “Handang Umibig Muli” are basically about love but do not speak of her longing to find someone to make her heart skip a beat again.

“I don’t need a love life. I’m happy with my family. I just don’t understand why most people think that for someone to be happy he or she needs to have a girlfriend or a boyfriend,” the singer mused.

Though Sarah is sending different messages from what the new album really speaks of, one fact is undeniable; she is mending a broken heart and it’s evident on how she rendered the songs in the album.  Apparently, Sarah is now more believable when she belts sad love songs. She no longer has to internalize because she can perfectly relate with the lyrics.

One Heart, with eight original tracks and seven covers, will hit the record bars on May 14.

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