Justin Bieber excited to visit Manila

by Nickie Wang

Over the weekend, the phrase “Hello Manila” was a trending topic on Twitter for the wrong reasons, nevertheless it attracted more attention for the upcoming Manila concert of the Canadian pop star who uttered it before 17,000 Malaysian Beliebers.

Justin Bieber is set to stage a one-night concert at the SM Concert Grounds on May 10, but in the sudden turn of events, the already sold-out concert still had an unexpected promotion after the 17-year-old international sent a wrong shout-out to his Malaysian audience.

On April 21, as reported by a blogger who claimed to have a friend who saw Justin’s concert at Stadium Merdeka in Kuala Lumpur, the young singer greeted his fans “Hello Manila” instead of “Hello Malaysia.” The boo-boo is described by Justin’s critics as another “Bieber moment,” which is derived from Justin’s interview in 2010. The 16-year-old then Justin was asked by a television host in New Zealand if his surname really means basketball in German. The teen singer replied, “German? I don’t know what that means. We don’t say that in America.”

This interview was caught on video and became a hot topic among his fans and detractors alike. Meanwhile, amid being considered as a great sound byte or even an interesting moment, nobody was able to record his mistake in Kuala Lumpur concert. Unexpectedly, his Filipino fans became more thrilled to see Justin perform live after learning about the gaffe.

Naturally, if someone is an avid fan of Justin, the person would defend his or her idol telling everyone to give him a break. On the other hand, if the person is one of those who do not believe in the young star’s talent, then that person would bash the teen saying that he doesn’t deserve all the adulation.

Justin is not the first international artist to commit the same public slip-up. In April 2009, Britney Spears kicked off a concert in San Jose, California with a wrong shout-out. She greeted the crowd, “What’s up Sacramento?!” Similarly, in an even worse scenario, Paris Hilton who bought a bar in London in 2006 admitted that she doesn’t know where London is, considering she has frequented the capital of England for quite so many times. It happened during a pre-trial when she was accused of planting a fake story in an American newspaper.

Back to the recent event, it could be that Justin Bieber is just too excited to visit Manila or it is also possible that, apart from good looks and his singing and dancing flair, he only has air between his ears. Let’s give him the benefit of the doubt, maybe he hasn’t taken any geography subject yet.

Rekindling the Aljur-Kris team up

The Aljur Abrenica and Kris Bernal love team was not as awesome as compared to the now defunct Gerald Anderson and Kim Chiu tandem, but nobody can refute the endearing onscreen chemistry they had.

After Aljur and Kris emerged victorious in a reality search on GMA-7, the network instantly spruced up the pair as the Kapuso’s next main love team. But the plan didn’t go smoothly. Aljur and Kris had their share of unsuccessful projects together, most recognizable of which was their launching movie Nandito Ako…Nagmamahal Sa’Yo. The Regal Films-produced movie was a box-office flop earning just over P3 million. Their last project together was the fantasy drama The Last Prince, which aired for five months. This was a top-rating series by the way. Thereafter, the two stars were given individual assignments. Aljur was paired with Rhian Ramos in Ilumina and then with Bela Padilla in Machete. Meanwhile, Kris was given her own soap that launched her onscreen partnership with Rocco Nacino.

Aljur and Kris reunited in February when the later appeared in one of the final episodes of Machete. It was clear that Kris’ appearance made the viewers interested because it slightly helped the then dwindling ratings performance of the primetime series.

Now, Kapuso network has brought the pair back on the boob tube with the latest episode of Spooky Nights. After Marian’s Bampirella, Aljur and Kris star in The Ringtone episode. It’s nice to see the love team back in each other’s arms again, on the small screen, but then again it still reminded the viewers how they struggled to trample the still phenomenal pairing of Kimerald.

Celebs troop to Boracay

Sun-kissed shores, powdery sand beaches, cozy hotel accommodations, tropic temperature and beach parties that last till dawn—are these the same things local celebrities enjoy in Boracay?

Once the sun set in the little island in Panay, you would see people walking here and there, hopping one from station to another, finding the best bar with the best crowd. Sometimes there are just those who ogle personalities they might recognize and find that like them, they also know how to relax and enjoy.

During the Holy Week, Boracay was teeming with local celebrities from the major stations. Actor-politician Bong Revilla and wife Lani Mercado were all in the famous little island to observe the lent. Every year, the Revilla family is spotted frolicking on the beach. It’s been their tradition to spend quality time together while observing the Lenten season. Same thing goes with the Gutierrezes. Anabelle Rama’s brood Richard, Rocky and Ritchie Paul bonded in Bora as well.

Some other personalities spotted on the crowded island were former celebrity Survivors Solenn Heusaff and Ervic Vijandre, who seemed to be enjoying each other’s company, Bianca King, Lovi Poe, Michelle Madrigal Ahron Villena and Xian Lim.

5 responses to “Justin Bieber excited to visit Manila

  1. HAHA.. Justin just made up a slip of a tongue.Hollywood gossips can really make the world up side down. Please don’t believe everything the media is talking about ’cause it might just be rumors all along.

    YEAH…. In fact, I was one of the crowd who excitedly believe in his upcoming concert. LOL..

  2. He’s dumb. He’s nothing but a pretty face. He doesn’t have any talent after all. Thanks to the music technology that fixes his voice.

  3. excited na ko! where can i buy discounted ticket? hay justin i’m your number 1 fan.

  4. i don’t care what they say. basta si justin ang the best performer ngayon around the world.

  5. nabalitaan niyo na ba na may bf daw na filipino si justin. base sa nabasa ko he is model daw in the philippines. nagmomodel for bench. eh di ba si carl guevarra yung nasa malaysia at ngayon nasa vip list ng team bieber? totoo ba na bf ni justin bieber si carl guevarra? can anyone please clear this issue.

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