Is Kris Aquino everyone’s favorite endorser?

by Nickie Wang

Kris Aquino is ubiquitous. You see her face plastered on gigantic billboards on the main thoroughfares wherever you travel. When you get home and turn on your television, you see her face again if you tuned in on channel 2 or if you’re just scanning the channels and it’s the commercials that you see. And while you are reading this item, you are having another dose of Krissy.

To answer the question above, it’s a resounding yes most especially if you are on the side of the advertisers mainly because you always get the desired results for the product you are selling.

In statement for her new endorsement it says that the television host is the most trusted celebrity endorser in the country because of a simple fact: she’s as real as one can get. Well, that might raise eyebrows considering that there are other celebrities who believe they are the most trusted ones.

In 2008, on a ranking based on the most money earned by local celebrity endorsers, Kris landed on the top spot elbowing Marian Rivera and Sharon Cuneta in their proper places. The following year, she was overtaken by the healthy megastar who was propelled into the top spot chiefly because of food product endorsements (she’s very much effective though). And last year, based on a research done by a popular website, she ranked no. 1 again as the most in-demand celebrity endorser. No doubt about that, considering that her effort even made her brother president, right?

For years, audiences have followed her life through its ups and downs. They’ve listened to her as she openly told her stories on live television, no matter how controversial. They’ve been inspired by her as they watched her pick herself back up for the sake of her family. And there are people who simply like her cry on The Buzz or let us say TV Patrol. And that what makes Kris Aquino an in-demand endorser, she’s always around and controversial. The only question is: Is Kris Aquino really uses the products she endorses? Well, that is different story.

Like mother like son

James Yap, Jr. or simply Bimby is following in the footsteps of his mother Kris when in comes to endorsing products. The kid who is in his formative years has appeared in numerous TVCs both with his mother and father James Yap. It is like he is getting every possible product that complements his age.

We cannot deny the fact that because of his presence on TV, the kid already has his own fan base. He was even voted by more than 12,000 students from 34 schools all throughout the country as their Favorite Child Personalities last year. Who wouldn’t notice this four-year-old toddler when he drops the snobbish yet cutesy line “hello there” in a television commercial anyway?

Through an exclusive gathering hosted by Joey Concepcion, the CEO of RFM Corporation, last week, it was officially announced that Kris and Bimby are now part of the Fiesta family. That’s another TVC of course. It’s already running actually.

“The mother and child tandem now endorse the noodle brand that sold more than 10 million packs in 2010,”said in a statement.

During the event, Bimby was given a welcome party that also served as his birthday celebration. He is turning four on April 19. Part of the program, Bimby gave out gifts to the children from Bahay Maria, the Bel-Air Makati-based orphanage which is a regular beneficiary of the product he endorses.

Jillian’s birthday wish

In many parts of the world, a lot of people see the detriment of being a child star—one cannot enjoy living a normal life because his or her childhood is corrupted. In the case of Kapuso network child wonder Jillian Ward, it’s the other way around. She seems to be enjoying every minute of her time in front of the cameras, for now.

Jillian turned six years old on Feb. 23, and guess what she wished when she blew the candles on her birthday cake.

“My wish is to have good health…my parents and my older sister and my younger sister to have good health, too. I wish to have more projects and more television shows,” she told the author in a very animated manner.

The kid speaks both English and Tagalog, her mother said she enjoys reading English books. She does not go to school but studies through the aide of modules and books her mother, who acts as her teacher, gives her.

I tried to ask more about her dreams when she grows up, the usual questions a la Little Miss Philippines. I bet if she were a contestant, she would end up a big winner. She said she wants to be a filmmaker someday primarily because she got inspired by actor-director Gina Alajar.

Gina Alajar was a cast member of the television adaptation of Trudis Liit that launched Jillian as the most important Kapuso child talent in 2010.

“She motivates me during tapings…if I can’t cry she tells me things like ‘think that your mom is dead, how would you feel?’ and then that will make me cry a lot,” she added.

Jillian is now the newest ambassador of McDonald’s Philippines and the food chain has given her the task to promote the Kiddie Crew Workshop, which is an annual five-day summer program that serves as an avenue for kids six-12 years old to have fun and meet new friends while learning important values and lessons along the way. The workshop includes on-floor trainings and creative art workshops.

“I encourage everyone to join the Kiddie Crew Workshop. Don’t be shy,” she beamed.

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