Look who wants to go back to the Philippines

By Nickie Wang

The country is not just a friendly place for foreign music artists; it’s also a lucrative venue for their concerts and performances because more often then not, they are always sold out.

Although most of foreign musician will not admit this fact and will just reason out that they love the Philippines because of the hospitable people and fine white beaches, we cannot deny the fact that performing in jam-packed arenas is one big factor that entices them to come back to our shores.

In an exclusive phone interview last month, The Click Five vocalist Kyle Patrick revealed that the band is planning to stage a major concert again in the Philippines. Well, it is good news to those who failed to see the Boston pop quintet in a concert at the Araneta Coliseum in May 2008.

“We are working on another tour in Asia and the Philippines is definitely going to be one of our pit stops. That’s for sure. It is just a matter of when and where. We all know that to actually arrange a concert tour requires a lot of unified effort,” said Kyle.

The 24-year-old frontman also shared with us his experience when the band performed before 15,000 people at the Big Dome three years ago.

“It was a surreal experience…something that I can’t understand, it’s kind of a blurry but it gives me an idea on how music can create a connection between someone from the other part of the world.”

The band has just released an album aptly called TCV and currently promoting it in the region. According to Kyle most of the band members had no any idea that a third album would come into picture. He stressed that it only became possible because of the people who believe in the band’s capability to come up with its own sound and advance professionally as musicians, instrumentalists, and touring artists.

“The situation we encountered before made us more unified and that reflects on the current album. Honestly we didn’t know that it’s going to be recorded. We had no hint that it’s going to be finished at all,” Kyle admitted.

It’s a common knowledge that The Click Five is more popular in Asia particularly in Singapore, Cambodia, and the Philippines, where its previous records gained massive success. It’s a fact that Kyle does not deny because he sees the bigger picture in being well-known in foreign lands compared to their native country.

“I don’t see any negative on being more popular on the other side of the world. I find it the most incredible thing the world. The fact that I’m here in Boston and you’re there in Manila, I feel extremely honored that there are people who hear us and appreciate what we do,” Kyle told the author.

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