Kim Chiu: role model for today’s youths

by Nickie Wang

Some people say that celebrities are not more talented or sophisticated than the rest of us. In fact, most of them didn’t finish high school or college. Once they get a taste of the limelight they tend to forget the value of education. Why would someone waste time in school if he or she is bringing home big bucks anyway?

Well, Kim Chiu is an exception. The 20-year-old star finished secondary studies through an Alternative Learning System. And along with the other students that underwent the same learning program, she received her high school diploma after passing the accreditation test administered by the Department of Education.

Last week, during the commencement exercise, Kim was tasked to deliver a graduation speech. When she stood at the podium, the young actress couldn’t hide her tears while delivering an emotional speech in Tagalog.

“Dreaming is for free, but let us remember that we can’t achieve our dreams all by ourselves. Like the rest of you, I have dreamt of finishing school, and now that we are all here, congratulations to all of us.”

In an interview, Kim said that she studied her lesson in between tapings and she read books while having dinner. She decided to finish school because of the strong encouragement she had from her grandmother, to whom she dedicated her diploma. “It’s her wish,” she furthered.

After this remarkable feat (for a celebrity like her), Kim plans to pursue her education in college. She wants to be an entrepreneur, that if she would be able to manage school and work, she will take up a business course.

Gerald Anderson graduates, too

Action-drama star Gerald was supposed to join former onscreen partner Kim Chiu in the ceremony that took place at Folk Arts Theater last week. The young actor earned his high school diploma through the same program of the DepEd.

However, Gerald was in Tanay, Rizal finishing some scenes for the upcoming film with Sarah Geronimo when the commencement exercise was held.

“I’m also a graduate and I already have the diploma,” he said enthusiastically in a television interview and congratulated his long time onscreen partner,” Of course I’m very proud of her. Matagal din niyang gusto yan. She really deserves lahat ng nangyayari sa kanya ngayon and I’m happy for her.”

Since Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson are constantly in the spotlight, and suddenly became good role models of the youth, they could be effective advocates of literacy in the country. They are unlike those teenage celebrities who either get pregnant and get hitched, or drop out of school and become an item of intrigues and scandals. These people should consider that what they do on and off cam (since all their activities are picked up by the media), in one way or another influence the mindset of young audiences. If we can only have more stars like Kim and Gerald then we could go ahead and let our young kids adulate all those young artists in showbiz.

We love talent reality searches

Don’t we? For the most of us, watching reality talent searches is a guilty pleasure. We all love seeing ordinary people on television because it gives us an illusion that we can also be like them. The truth is, reality shows that utilizes common Juan dela Cruz is the bright idea of people in the marketing department. You see, they spend less on getting ordinary people to entertain the mass compared to hiring a top-notched performer. In effect, television has has become rabid in bombarding us with talent searches left and right.

From the time reality TV and talent searches became popular in the country, we have begun to see struggling and aspiring artists make it big. Recently, the Sharon Cuneta hosted singing contest produced another winner with a colorful life story. As a matter of fact, Angeline Quinto, that’s her name, was given a special tribute by Maalaala Mo Kaya.

Angeline is already considered an experienced singer having joined numerous singing contests here and there. She even competed against Sarah Geronimo in Star for a Night and joined GMA’s defunct Diz Iz It where she was a wildcard finalist in a segment called ”Diz Iz Kantahan: Challenge the Champion.” The Regine Velasquez prototype is now being groomed by the Kapamilya network as its newest bet to music superstardom, well we are positive she’ll do well than Kapuso’s bet, Frencheska Farr.

Meanwhile, just over the weekend, all viewers were probably in front of their TV sets watching Talentadog Pinoy. The show hosted by Ryan Agoncillo garnered an overwhelming 56.7 percent audience share last Saturday in Mega Manila, according to the station’s own publicity. Nevertheless, the nation is talking about the reality show’s grand winner that showcased his talent in sand art. He is a polio victim.

Joseph the Artist, as he being called in the show, won P1M cash prize, a brand new Chevrolet car, a four year scholarship and the privilege to represent the country at the World Championship of Performing Arts (WCOPA) in Hollywood, where several Filipinos have already made a mark.

If we talk about reality talent searches, of course, Pinoy Got Talent will certainly be on your top list. Who wouldn’t remember Jovit Baldivino, the teenage siomai vendor who now has two CDs, one being a platinum record? At the moment, the program is always on the trending topic in the Internet replicating the successes of its first season.

As long as these television programs do well in the ratings game, expect to have more of them in the near future. And as long as there are participants that are willing to share their tragic stories with the rest of the world, television stations will continue pushing them to be broadcast. But one question really lingers, are these talent search winners truly the most talented in these respected programs or are they just the sentimental favorites because they have stories that most of the audience can relate to or stories that really sell?

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