Sarah Geronimo finally breaks her silence

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Sarah Geronimo

The actress and concert queen is featured on the cover of Yes! magazine’s March issue. The teaser says that she finally breaks her silence and speaks about her failed affair with Rayver Cruz. She also pours her heart out on the recent spat between her and Christine Reyes. When the rift between her and Cristine hit all the major dailies and tabloids in December, the singer was the only person who kept her silence. She didn’t drop a word unlike Christine who flooded Twitter with her outbursts. People agree that there is a right time and a right place for everyone and everything. Sarah waited for that.


Nonito Donaire

Sports analysts are raving about the boxer after he snatched the WBC and WBO bantamweight belts from Mexican Fernando Montiel, a three-division world champion and has been undefeated since 2006, in a bout in Las Vegas on Sunday. The victory puts Nonito straight to no. 3 of Ring Magazine’s Top 10 Pound for Pound Boxers in the world (Pacman is no. 1 followed by Floyd Mayweather Jr). According to them, Nonito and Pacman have a lot in common, apart from winning all their fights and their humble beginnings, they both pride being General Santos City natives. However, Pacman has a very sound relationship with his family unlike Nonito, who until now, can’t end his fight with his own mother.


JM de Guzman

People are starting to notice this 22-year-old actor. JM is no stranger to limelight since he started in showbiz at a young age but immediately left the business when he felt that his career was going nowhere. Now an adult and a mature actor (he’s a product of Dulaang UP),JM is  back in the klieg lights where he feels he really belongs. After playing bit roles in Alynna, Kristine, and Midnight Phantom (all part of Precious Romances series), the Star Magic talent is given the biggest break of his career. JM is set to reprise the role of the late Rico Yan in the remake of classic soap, Mula Sa Puso, which has just started taping. Whatever the big wigs of ABS-CBN saw in this guy will finally be revealed once the soap starts airing.


are not talking about

Hayden Kho

Vickie Belo’s infamous beau is seriously considering the job offer to be in Paparazzi. The cosmetic surgeon, who lost his license due to his notorious promiscuity caught on video, was invited by the people behind the showbiz talk show to be its guest co-host. Hayden must be madly in love with the cameras that he suddenly shifted focus. From his unprofitable perfume business, he now plans to settle hosting showbiz-oriented program for good. As a matter of fact, he already has a segment in Paparazzi, it is called Say Mo, Say Kho (with MO Twister). Don’t worry, Hayden, whatever happens to your career, Vicki will always be there to support you like she always did.


Regine Velasquez

When she was asked about the ratings of I ♥ You Pare, Mrs. Alcasid said that she would rather hear the good news than the bad news. She only cares if the ratings were high because if it weren’t it would just affect her focus during tapings. In short, Regine is not bothered by ratings war that directly compares Kapuso and Kapamilya programs. It’s a general knowledge that both stations subscribe to two different ratings data provider. Unfortunately, Regine’s I ♥ You Pare doesn’t hold good numbers either in AGB Neilsen or TNS Kantar Media.


Alicia Mayer

The new ad of PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) quotes the sultry starlet saying that eating meat is the same as eating the corpse of a tortured animal. Well, the word corpse doesn’t sound good (but who cares when your chicken, pork, or beef tastes really delectable) but any normal human being would say that it opposes the advise of most nutritionists to have a balanced diet (think about food pyramid). Alicia and the likes of her are entitled to their creative way of sending a message across but what they failed to see is that a substantial proportion of people, most especially the ardent feminists, think that stripping naked for a photoshoot is an exploitation of the female body and done only for the pleasure of the male gaze most especially of those horny teenage boys.

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