Talk of the town: Rhian Ramos goes topless


…are talking about

Rhian Ramos

How to stand out among four leading ladies, how is she supposed to leave an unforgettable impression while being compared to the likes of Solenn Heussaf, Lovi Poe, and Eugene Domingo? Rhian is among the four leading ladies of Richard Gutierrez in a Valentine movie and she promises that everyone most especially men would leave the movie houses mesmerized by her. How? A little teaser – she’s going topless in one scene. Is the thought of it already sweltering hot? Indeed, it will make cold February feels like summer.

Happy, Yipee, Yehey

When something failed, call it your version 2.0, and to conceal your failure just change entirely the name and opt with a catchy one. All eyes are set on ABS-CBN’s newest noontime program, which is premiering today, for two reasons: first, to check on its hosts and their synergy; and second, to make sure that it’s a different program and not just another Wowowee rehash. Nonetheless, Kapamilya fanatics are still excited about it.

Sam Concepcion

He has become inure to comparisons between him and Charice. Both of them were products of a singing contest where Sam emerged as the winner while the now international star ended up in lowly third place. With a smooth-sailing television and singing career, Sam is given the biggest break to date. He is going to be the front act in the now sold-out Taylor Swift Manila concert. That’s not all, apart from having been handpicked by Swift, he’s also being requested by the American star to be the front act in her Asian Tour. Well, that’s a little something he could use to catch up with Charice.

…are not talking about

Marian Rivera

A little absence on television makes her fans too eager to see her again. So while they are waiting and anticipating for her comeback in the small screen via Amaya, Kapuso network gives them a dose of Marian in a vampire inspired miniseries that will run for four weeks. It is called Bampirella. If you think that this is genuinely original idea, better think again and try using the internet for a quick research. Apart from the obvious fact that rival Angel Locsin is starring in a wolf-vampire inspired series, the actual origin of Bampirella is a foreign comics called Vampirella. And it’s being promoted without proper attribution. That’s how GMA-7 creative people work.

Ogie Alcasid

It’s not he’s recent appointment to an insignificant task why people are actually trying to avoid talking about him. They feel icky when they do, especially with wife Regine and how they react every time they are interviewed by the media. Behind their backs everybody laughs. Some of them admitting these two people make them slightly sick. While some people canl tolerate their “tweetums” as newlyweds, others have had enough. One more thing, many of them can’t comprehend Ogie’s excitement, saying he is really flattered Regine has appended his family name to hers. That’s kind of bizarre. What does he expect, Regine to use Van Eimeren? That’s not going to make us love you, pare. Grow up.


So, what’s happening to the legendary wooden statue that turns into a neighborhood stud by night? It seems that after its strong debut, the series is slowly stepping backwards in the ratings game. During the past few days, it’s evident that Machete is being outperformed buy its rival programs. Are the viewer’s just tuned in to Machete to see Aljur Abrenica’s transformation from a statue into a breathing stud? Well, perhaps that was the main highlight of the series and the viewers don’t see anymore exciting about it except from seeing Aljur half-nekkid.

2 responses to “Talk of the town: Rhian Ramos goes topless

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  2. Sam Concepcion is really great! A total performer. He can manage one show, like that of Shoutout. Truly a favorite of Pinoys. He is different from famous Charice. Sam is a star, no doubt, while Charice can be a legend in no time, that is, if she won’t stumble on her way today…

    Much agree on the Marian part 😀

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