Mutya: Making a big splash on primetime

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If Noah is slowly fading and losing steam amid being on its final weeks, it’s a diffrent case for Primetime Bida’s newest addition. The fantasy series salvaged a victory for ABS-CBN primetime programs debuting strongly nationwide (number 1) and in viewer-rich megamanila (number 3). After obtaining a very narrow lead over Dwarfina, people from Kapuso station are keeping an eye on this newest television darling.It’s high times for Mutya as it also gives boost to the ratings of Mara Clara which regain its position as the most-watched series every night.  Lesson learned – axe programs that don’t rate or as what local Joe would say: Huwag nang pilitin ang papalaos!

Thia Megia

For several days, her name had stayed as one of the top trending topics on Yahoo! Philippines, an indication that her countrymen are eager to know more about her making through American Idol audition. Prior to receiving the golden ticket to Hollywood for AI, she auditioned for America’s Got Talent and ended as a semi-finalist. Being no stranger to the limelight, many people are raving her performance but it’s also proportionate to the ones bashing her. But of course, that will not stop the 15-year-old Fil-Am to reach for her dreams. Though she grew up abroad, she’s one of the reason why a lot of Pinoys love being called Filipino.

Alex Gonzaga

She used to be just the shadow of Toni Gonzaga, though she wouldn’t admit that she’s affected by the comparison, her small strides to establish her own name is getting noticed. She might not be as lucky as her older and much popular sister, but snagging the lead role on TV5’s biggest primetime series is enough to put her as one of the station’s most important stars. Professing her loyalty to the third biggest station in the country is not bad at all because she doesn’t have to deal with competiton among her co-talents. Her nid to stardom sees a clearer direction with TV 5, unless of course if Jasmine Smith-Curtis would take the spotlight away her.

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