People…are not talking about

Sharon Cuneta

After sporting a hefty figure for so many years, she has decided to take losing weight seriously. But the one that is not serious though is the huge billboard on Edsa showing her before and after photos. The first image shows a full-bodied Sharon in a lose top while the second photo, which is apparently the after treatment with Marie France photo, shows a thinner Megastar. Thanks to a different hairstyle and makeup, the fitted top with a big belt around her waist, and to the power of photoshop for making this feat possible.


The Kapamilya network has given its teen variety show a very much needed face-lift, however it is still the same old banana that showcases talentless teens who give viewers eyesores whenever they switch channels.  Now called ShoutOut Level Up, it follows a reality show format and changes the horribly odd names of its daily grouping. Will this revamp work this time? They should’ve canceled the whole show altogether and give the timeslot to a better show instead.

Vice Ganda

An online dictionary called has a very fair definition of powertrip and while reading it his face suddenly appeared on our thought bubble. Since he started hosting Showtime, a lot of people have noticed that Vice Ganda changed drastically. It’s fine that he brought his old antics and worn-out punchlines on TV, but to treat people with his burst of offensive remarks is an obvious sign that the Kapamilya network is tolerating another monster-in-the-making. If he thinks that he is already a big star, here’s a simple line: one hit [crappy] movie (and one poor-rating noontime show) won’t make him one.


One response to “People…are not talking about

  1. I like what you said about Vice Ganda (LUMALAKI NA ULO EH)

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