I Love You, KC – Piolo

Finally, Piolo Pascual has revealed the real score between him and KC Concepcion. The actor explained that the reason why he had kept the relationship (which started in October 2010) to themselves is that he’s protecting someone and wanted to separate his personal affairs from his professional life.

“But I guess I’ve come to a point na gusto kong magpakatotoo regardless of what people might say, regardless of people’s judgment or opinion. I guess because the person deserves it, I just don’t owe it to myself, I owe it to the public and I owe it to the person,”  he says.

“You know how it is, I have a son na hindi mo makasama, ayaw mong mapariwara ‘yung bata, ayaw mong magkaroon ng ibang reaksyon kasi bata ‘yon, he’s only 13 years old. But I think I have decided kung ano man ang magiging reaksyon ng anak ko from here, you just have to deal with it. Para na rin matigil ‘yung mga nagpaparinig kay Kristina,” adds Piolo.


Read it from PH:

Carjacking near Ayala. Flooding in Jeddah. Nonstop rains in South Africa. And now, KC and Piolo na? Strange times indeed. Strange times. Hail Mary full of grace, the Lord is with you…

One response to “I Love You, KC – Piolo

  1. i love ppiolo & kc! thank god they finally admitted their rel….so kilig waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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