It’s Mother’s Day everyday

Mother’s Day can be celebrated without all those expensive gifts. For sure, your amazing mom would love to get gifts from you because it means you’re just being thoughtful. But it’s not surprising at all if you’re beloved mother would be thankful if she received a simple message from you, it’s the gift can’t be bought in the store.

The mere spirit of sacrifice that you give to your mother is enough to melt her heart on Mother’s Day. Write her a letter, a poem, or a song. You can also cook for her or pick  some flowers in your garden and give them to her with a big kiss, or you can go digital by posting a video on this YouTube channel called 365mothersday. Kids can  greet their moms a Happy Mother’s Day everyday for the whole year.

If you know kids who are interested to be part of the 365mothersday campaign, they can email for information and other questions.

Indeed there are countless things to give your mother without spending a penny. Just always remember, just like the way your mother nurtures and takes care of you, the best present you can give her is something that truly comes from the heart.

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