A new action hero

by Nickie Wang

From the makers of the highly-popular Ben 10 comes a new animated action hero called Rex, a charming fifteen-year-old that can morph his fists into a size of a boulder, sprout a jetpack out of his back and turn his legs into a lightning-fast motorcycle.

With a sharp sense of humor and a thirst for adventure, Rex is joined by a team of characters including his sidekick, a highly intelligent monkey named Bobo Haha who encourages Rex’s mischievous side; his mentor Agent Six, so called for being the world’s sixth deadliest man; the brilliant Dr. Holiday, who seems to be the only one that really understands Rex; and Noah, a regular kid and Rex’s friend.

They are the new characters in Cartoon Network’s first offering in 2011. Called Generator Rex, the series takes place in the aftermath of a global accident, where microscopic machines known as nanites have merged with every living thing. For a select few, the nanites mutate their hosts into monstrous creatures called E.V.O.s. Rex is one such E.V.O., but unlike the monsters he combats ((with the help of a global organization charted to eliminate E.V.O.s.), Rex has control over his nanites. He alone has the ability to not only control these nanites—allowing him to create amazing mechanical limbs and gadgets that aid him in battle—but also heal E.V.O.s of their mutation. 
With his incredible powers, Rex’s importance to Providence (the global organization) and the world is undisputed. But deep down, he just wants to be a normal teenager and must balance his adrenaline-fueled adventures with the everyday ups and downs of being 15.

From the creators of global phenomenon Ben 10, which tops the hero list as the no.1 boys’ action figure brand in the region, Generator Rex has already proved a huge hit in the U.S. with its April debut topping its timeslot on all television among kids aged 2-11.

“Rex is the ultimate secret weapon, and like Ben 10, is out to save the world. The series is an awesome story of good vs. evil, reconciling teenage instincts with “hero” ambition and all set against a futuristic backdrop that is sure to appeal to tech-savvy kids today. There’s no better way to get animated and welcome the New Year than with Generator Rex on Cartoon Network!” said Lucien Harrington, vice president, Branding and Communications, Turner Entertainment Networks Asia, Inc.

Leading up to the TV premiere of Generator Rex in Jan. 9, at 9 a.m. is the exciting online sneak peek of the series at http://www.CartoonNetwork.com.ph. One brand-new episode will be unleashed every week online, and kids can also experience all things about the series on the dedicated Generator Rex minisite featuring show information and the new casual game “Nanite Master.”

MMFF box office update

AiAi delas Alas and Kris Aquino are begging the public to watch Father Jejemon. After five days of its commercial release, Dolphy’s entry to the annual film festival lags behind top grosser Si Agimat at Si Enteng Kabisote, Ang Tanging Ina and Dalaw. The film seems to be just receiving the spillover of these films since the estimate earning of the comedy feature only stands at P3.8 million compared to that of the other entries that have already earned double digits.

As expected, Dolphy’s movie failed to attract moviegoers like his previous films in the annual MMFF. This is not just a statement that the public is already looking for a different kind of comedy, it is also an urge to Dolphy that he needs to gradually fade out and produce films instead starring young comedian that are relevant and can make people laugh.

After four days of the annual filmfest, Si Agimat at Si Enteng Kabisote has grossed a whopping P86.7 million. It is followed by Ang Tanging Ina and Dalaw with an estimate ticket sales of P67.9 million and P40.6 million, respectively. Regal Films’ Shake Rattle & Roll XII has earned P29.1 million while Super Inday and the Golden Bibe has earned P10.9 million.

As festival Best Picture winner, Ang Tanging Ina is expected to see much happier days like 2nd Best Picture Rosario and 3rd Best Picture RPG Metanoia.

Studio 5’s first feature film Rosario, has earned P9 million (the cost of its float during the MMFF parade was P5 million), while the country’s first-ever full-length 3G animation film RPG has posted P15.3 million of two-day cumulative box-office earning.

Speaking of Rosario, the producer of the film is not happy with the results of the recently-concluded MMFF Gabi ng Parangal. Although the movie, which is based on the story of Manny V. Pangilinan’s grandmother, walked home with seven trophies, the producer still expressed her dismay.

JoAnn C. Banaga put the new nomination process into question. In the previous editions of the filmfest, box-office earning played a big role in choosing the Best Picture but the current jurors and MMDA decided to focus more on film artistry and value. In that case, Banaga pointed out that Rosario is one of the films graded A by the Cinema Evaluation Board and worthy of the Best Picture award.

The MMFF board of jurors explained that choosing the winners was democratic and based on the new standards that the festival follows.

If Rosario is indeed a groundbreaking film, let then the public decide. Most films enjoy box-office success through word of mouth. On the other hand, Rosario does not get most of the public’s approval.

Angel is a solid Kapamilya

Young actress Angel Locsin slammed the rumors that she has any plan of shifting loyalty again. Her transfer became a hot topic among rumormongers when a number of ABS-CBN big stars have been reported turning their backs on the Kapamilya station and will soon head to TV5 for greener pasture(?).

“Nabalitaan ko rin, pero imposibleng mangyari naman kasi may kontrata pa ako sa ABS-CBN (I’ve heard of that as well, but it’s impossible because I’m under a contract with ABS-CBN),” Angel clarified in an interview with SNN.

She quipped that if that happens, station hopping would be her latest hobby. Angel made a controversial transfer from GMA-7 to ABS-CBN in 2007 amid several television programs lined up for her.

Angel insisted that her loyalty is with the Kapamilya network and stressed that she is contented with the assignment the station is giving her at the moment. The Imortal actress is also happy to announce that the top-rating series will soon have its second season and new characters will be introduced.

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