#Geronimo is trending worldwide

This is the tweet I stumbled upon when I logged on in Twitter. Apparently, Sarah Geronimo and Cristine Reyes are the subject of every showbiz fan on the microblogging site.

Based on the twits made by fans, Sarah made an intriguing remark during ASAP XV rehearsal this morning. She is quoted saying: “Pag magagaling magsayaw habulin ng mga babaeng sexy.”

Soon after this remark had reached Christine, the sexy actress posted 14 meaty twits purportedly addressed to the pop singer. The Kristine star used the terms drama princess and IDOL but didn’t name the person she was referring to [attacking].

The title of this post is the twit of ABSCBNShowbiz. The account also twitted “Kapag inaway mo ang isang Sarah Geronimo, kaaway mo ang buong mundo,” and inserted Kris Aquino’s name at the latter part of the twit.

I was about to ask a friend on the 2010 Philippine Blog Awards updates but this topic easily got my attention. I feel sick today that’s why I’m not able to attend tonight’s ceremony. Win or lose, I feel honored that the 2010 PBA recognized this blog as one on the finalists in the Entertainment category.

4 responses to “#Geronimo is trending worldwide

  1. Nikko, magaling ka pala talaga sa ganitong field…at saka sa office din siyempre heheh

  2. congrats!

    here’s my photo coverage of the 2010 Philippine Blog Awards

    2010 Philippine Blog Awards photo coverage (winners, stage, hosts, people)

    bloggers @ 2010 Philippine Blog Awards (photo coverage)

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