People 12.11.10

…are talking about
Maggie Wilson
She slammed the critics of her pre-nup video that became a trending topic among Filipino netizens. Conservatives called her video racy, inappropriate and even close to being pornographic. But one thing for sure, it made Maggie and beau Victor Consuji the talk of the town and their wedding this December, the most anticipated nuptials this year (Sorry Ogie and Regine). The statuesque former beauty queen was quick to defend the video saying that it’s their own decision and if people find it offensive then “don’t watch it at all.” The infamous video features Maggie and Victor in very steamy scenes, so as the couple says, watch at your discretion [pleasure].
Guess who is Kapamilya network grooming to take the spotlight from Kimerald. Television giant  ABS-CBN is currently promoting Enchong Dee and Erich Gonzales tandem. The two have shown strong potential to be one of the most successful onscreen couples when they starred in Katorse, Tanging Yaman, Magkaribal and in a movie called I Do. Their latest assignment, which is deemed to reaffirm their status as a sturdy onscreen couple, is the local adaptation of Thalia’s Maria la Del Bario. The item itself already makes their fans giggle.
Anita Linda
Showbiz is not a very friendly place for the elderly but the octogenarian actress has proven that age is not a hindrance to receive movies and television projects left and right. Anita Linda is already old to exhaust herself in a busy shoot but still manages to appear in significant independent films that recognize her talent as an actress. The 86-year-old was recently lauded for her performance in “Lola,” an independently produced film by multi-awarded director Brillante Mendoza, in the 54th Asia-Pacific Film Festival .The awards night took place in Taiwan.
 …are not talking about
Jovit Baldevino
Too much love won’t kill his career but too much revivals will. The pint-sized singer is on a mission to replicate the success of his debut album, Faithfully, which turned platinum this month. The teen singer announced that he is due to release a sophomore album called I’d Do Anything For Love. And guess what, majority of the tracks are covers. Is this boy really wants to be remembered as the king of cover songs? By the way, he might use this as a defense – he wrote one song that is included in the album. Yes, that’s a great feat!
Star Factor
The winner of this talent search would feel disheartened if she hears that majority of the finalists in the competition she joined in didn’t have the X factor to make it big in show business. And of course that includes her. Sad to say, TV5’s bet to stardom lacks all the qualities to make it big in either on television or movies. Let’s say it’s a trial and error thing. Probably in the next season of Star Factor, they will finally be able to scout talents with outstanding appeal.
Francheska Farr
She is one of those who won in a talent search but failed to shine after they’ve been given enough exposure. Kapuso network is building up Francheska [again] as the newest recording artist in its yard. Who among the GMA artists in the recent years became successful in the recording industry. Don’t they all ended with just a regular stint on Party Pilipinas. We just hope that Francheska’s singing career won’t end like what happened to her movie Emir, which is the biggest loser in the box office this year.

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