Meet Sunshine Corazon

by Nickie Wang

Sunshine Corazon is your typical Asian teenage girl. The 15-year-old lass wears specs, updates her Facebook and Twitter accounts, giggles when she talks about her crushes, and adores the likes of Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, and Rihanna. You bet, her hobbies are singing and dancing.

Sunshine (portrayed by Charice Pempengco) is a foreign exchange student from the Philippines, with astounding and amazing killer vocals; she presents some serious competition against Rachel Berry (Lea Michele), the captain and the self-proclaimed star of McKinley High’s show choir, New Direction.

Yes, Charice has come a long way. And as they say, the long wait is over because Charice’s fans will finally see her in the US hit series Glee on Sept. 21.

Her inclusion in the top-rating show started out as just a rumor, but when reports confirmed her being cast in the comedy drama series, Charice declined to give further details about her audition piece and the role she’s going to play. Now the 18-year-old recording artist is in high spirits to announce, through her Facebook and Twitter accounts, that Sunshine Corazon will be seen now as the classes resume in McKinley High.

“All of you guys are saying that I’m a nerd. Well, yeah! I am! And I’m happy for that,” says Charice in her tweet pertaining to her role on the phenomenal series Glee.

The second season of the hit series premieres with an episode entitled “Audition.” Let’s all have a look if, apart from singing and dancing, Charice could also act.

Another courtroom brawl

The public is feasting on the intriguing enmity between Angelica Panganiban and Claudine Barretto that only stirred up by a word war. And if you would read how people react on this fracas, you will be amazed what fans can do just to defend their idols.

First, Claudine played mysterious on her tweets saying that a traitor is set to ruin her family’s name. Days later, the former Kapamilya star named the traitor as Angelica Panganiban and vowed to file a libel or a slander case against her.

According to Claudine, Angelica is spreading malicious rumors linking her name to an illicit affair with certain Martin Castro, who happens to be Derek Ramsay’s best friend and an acquaintance to Claudine’s husband of four years, Raymart Santiago.

As Claudine’s outburst of irritation was on the high, Angelica remained mum. She didn’t retaliate but was defended by Star Magic head Johnny Manahan and by Claudine’s own sister, Gretchen. Angelica’s lawyer said that Claudine’s accusations are baseless and their camp is out to prove that Angelica is the real victim in this hullabaloo.

As the rumor hits the public, the issue now snowballed to a possible courtroom brawl. Both parties want to clear their names and determined to bring now a legal matter to a proper venue. They even vowed that they will not settle for an out of the court reconciliation for both of their names, and that of the people around them, have been put in a bad light.

Showbiz is just a small world and it has been a fact that enemies before can be friends today. Although the case of Claudine and Angelica is the other way around, for now, we can still see a hope that this could still turn into like what happened to Piolo Pascual, Sam Milby, and Lolit Solis.

In your face

Julia (Anne Curtis) and Ciara (Claudine Barreto) are sisters who are reunited in the Land of Dreams after eight years of living apart. Julia has a lover named Storm (Richard Gutierrez) who is desperate to gain immigrant status in the United States where Julia and Ciara reside. Julia asks Storm to enter into an arranged marriage with Ciara to ease his struggle on his citizenship but that becomes the start of an illicit affair.

The plot of In Your Eyes is very simple if not passé. It could probably the reason why moviegoers liked it, and by word of mouth, the movie starts creating some big buzz. It is the top-grossing movie in the local box office for two weeks now.

Breaching the 100 million mark in the box office is a rare feat if not an elusive achievement for any local movie released commercially. So when Viva Entertainment gave out press releases that its current project In Your Eyes is making waves in the cinemas then I thought, bragging rights is no longer exclusive to powerhouse Star Cinema.

On its first week, the romantic-drama flick directed by Mac Alejandre (Ang Panday, One True Love, I Will Always Love You, and Let the Love Begin, to name a few) raked P70 million on the tills, according to Viva. It was made possible by its opening day ticket sales of P12.42 million.

If we are going to do quick arithmetic, 100 million is not impossible to achieve since the movie only needs 30 million pesos. But as of this writing and even from the time the paper reached the newsstands, the truth is, In Your Eyes has not even breached the 70 million mark. Not even on its second week.

According to Box Office Mojo, the same site where researchers get the data for movie press releases (another is the site of The Internet Movie Database), In Your Eyes had a ticket sale of 33.5 million pesos on its first week and 18.4 million pesos on its second week bringing the total gross to P51.9 million. So where did the P70 M come from?

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