IN FOCUS: Limbunan,Vox Populi, and Si Techie, si Teknoboy at si Juana B

By Gutierrez Mangansakan II
The New Breed Category: Finalist, Full Length Feature


Limbunan glimpses into the life of a bride-to-be as she is kept from public view prior to the wedding in her private quarters – limbunan.

The film captures the ritual motions of the women in a family preparing for the wedding of seventeen-year-old Ayesah who is betrothed to a man she barely knows. As preparations for her union is underway, Ayesah is reunited with her childhood tutor Maguid who returns to the village as a militiaman after five years, reawakening Ayesah’s past memory of childhood infatuation. Throughout Ayesah’s confinement her precocious and rebellious eight-year-old sister Saripa becomes her eyes to the world beyond her room. Her mother Amina keeps her composure despite the fact her husband sleeps with his second wife half of the time, finding solace in the belief that it is both her religious and familial duty to be an obedient wife. Ayesah’s aunt Farida is tasked to ensure that she is prepared for the wedding. However, Farida’s dark past challenges Ayesah’s resolve finding herself choosing between love and loyalty to tradition and family.

By Dennis Marasigan
The New Breed Category: Finalist, Full Length Feature


It is Saturday before the 2nd  Monday of May, the last day of the official campaign period before elections. CONNIE is the daughter of a former Mayor of the town of San Cristobal  and is now running for the same position. She is now running a three-cornered campaign against the former Vice-Mayor and a former student leader, helped by her brother RICKY, campaign manager TONY and an increasing number of supporters . On this day, she goes out on a factory and market visit, a house-to-house campaign, attends the signing of a covenant for clean elections and her “miting de avance”. She also meets with influential individuals, all in pursuit of an irreversible bandwagon that will prove she is the popular choice of the people.

By Arthur Katipunan

The New Breed Category: Finalist, Full Length Feature


Techie and Jay, both OFWs from Qatar, decide to come home for two weeks to get married. Techie is nurturing a plan to meet her virtual lover, Teknoboy, before her wedding day. The story unfolds when Techie connives with her high school best friend, Juana, a TV writer turned struggling indie filmmaker, to be with Teknoboy. The two women journey through Pinoy cyber culture and its many facets — online romance, cyber addiction, Facebook reunion, hi-tech baptismal party, 3G doctor, digital wedding, cyber sex — in the process discovering many things about their lives, dreams and the society they live in. The evolution of cyber Pinoys and how relationships unfold in the middle of a hi-tech society form the core of this film.

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