FHM Sexiest

Three of the most controversial female personalities in local showbiz are occupying the top spots in the online poll of FHM Sexiest. Marian Rivera, Angel Locsin, and Cristine Reyes are pitted against each other once again for the title that most female celebrities would like to have. Just like the controversies that surround these actresses, the annual online voting has caused steams among their respective fans. It only proves that being sexy can now be equated to being popular.

Last week, Marian led the poll, now Angel takes over and Cristine sits comfortably in the third spot. If you were to vote, who would you  choose to be this year’s FHM Sexiest? Is it Angel who has been an annual contender; Cristine who was last year’s hottest; or Marian for a two-peat even she has not graced the cover of the leading men’s magazine?

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