Angel Locsin’s dream come true

by Nickie Wang

Imagine Angel Locsin shifting her weight and limbs through different balance positions while suspended in a pole, and suddenly she grips the pole with her inner thighs and all her limbs are extended upside down. Yes, Angel is learning the art of sensual fitness routine and she does it on purpose.

“I’m in to pole-dancing, and it’s not just an exercise regimen. You’re going to see me pole-dance in a movie,” Angel told the Standard Today.

The thought of Angel gyrating, moving around the stage, and going up and down in a pole  seem to be a visually sensual experience among her male fans, but the truth is, the actress enrolled in pole dancing class to shed more weight and to train her body to be more flexible.

The 25-year-old actress is soon to star in a movie as a bar dancer who captures the heart of man to be played by Aga Muhlach. The film, which is a dream come true for Angel, is going to be directed by Olivia Lamasan.

“I really want this project, and I’m very vocal how excited I am to work with Kuya Aga and of course with Direk [Olivia],” said the lovely actress.

In the upcoming film, the audience will see a whole new different character that Angel has never even thought of portraying, though she already had played challenging roles in the past, like reprising the mythical character Darna and as an attractive she wolf in Lobo opposite Piolo Pascual.

“I’m going to do everything I haven’t done before and things that I really don’t like, yet part of the story. It’s very challenging because any actress would feel uncomfortable doing(something like) that, and so it would take a lot of concentration and motivation,” Angel stated.

Angel added that pole dancing is not easy although it looks effortless when done by experts still it hurts the skin.

“I do it one to two hours per session, and I’m telling you, if my role is already a challenge, pole dancing is even more because it needs to look effortless. That alone is quite difficult to do,” she beamed.

Apart from the upcoming movie with Aga Muhlach, Angel is also excited to announce that she is set to make a television comeback via a series with John Lloyd Cruz called Imortal.

Front liner in fitness and health

Having a pretty face and svelte figure are just two things but looking and feeling attractive all the time, that takes some effort. So when Angel Locsin faced the press as the latest endorser of health and wellness brand Century Tuna, the actress revealed that apart from pole dancing, she also engages herself in sport activities like biking and muay thai. That is probably the reason why her body looks more fit (and needless to say sexy) in the new Century Tuna television commercial.

During the press conference, Angel, together with Derek Ramsay, was introduced as  one of the sexiest female celebrities and a new front liner in the field of fitness and health.

Just like Derek, she has always been a natural sports lover, and was even a competitive swimmer before becoming a star. After joining showbiz, she got more active in challenging sports like boxing and diving. These activities help her maintain a fit and healthy body for the action roles she plays on the small screen.

“That’s why when I was told that I’m going to have a female partner, I told them instantly that I want it to be Angel Locsin. She is on top of my list because a lot of people adore her for her extremely nice attitude of course for her beautiful face and body,” Derek said at once.

“I’m really excited to work with Derek, I actually requested for him to star with me in one my shows [in the future],” Angel butted in to appreciate the compliment given by the male canned tuna endorser.

New Superbods of health

Joining Angel and Derek in helping promote health and wellness are the 2010 Superbods winners who were chosen among hundreds of model hopefuls who lined up at the Superbods go-see conducted during the Century Tuna Superbods Run 2010.

The new Superbods were chosen for living up to the Century Tuna brand’s concept of total fitness – having not only a healthy body, but also a healthy mind. As the new Superbods, they got P100,000 each and were featured in Century Tuna ads.

The new Superbods are 18-year-old nursing student Lea Yosalina, 21-year-old psychology student Jillian Lua, 21-year-old TV host/model Renzie Ongkiko, and 23-year-old civil engineer Van Vincent Leaño, who happens to be the younger brother of last year’s Superbod winner Van Victor.

The four  healthy lifestyle ambassador are excited to help inspire the public to take up a  fit, active and healthy lifestyle. Lea and Renzie aim to instill the importance of sports and exercise. Meanwhile, for Jillian and Van Vincent, promoting healthy eating is a goal they want to pursue.

Superbods are poised to inspire and encourage Filipinos to start eating healthy, be involved in physical fitness and enjoy the best of health in the most delicious way.

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