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Barbie Forteza and Joshua Dionisio

These young stars are fast becoming teen sensations. Although bad PR sometimes make young onscreen couple looks stupid in their actions, Barbie and Joshua are still appealing among teens and different age groups. This is probably the reason GMA is maximizing their popularity with another follow-up on First Time. Barbie and Joshua will soon star on Pilyang Kerubin, which is another series for teen romance. It is also their third team up with Stairway to Heaven and First Time.

Robin Padilla
In an interview with TV5’s talk show Paparazzi, Willie Revillame exclaimed that he doesn’t miss Wowowee but greatly still look forward to serve the viewers of the show (a very showbiz answer). We hope it’s a mutual feeling because if we are to look at how viewers and audiences treat Binoy on the show, Willie would have to accept that the program has found a better and a more charming host. As a matter of fact, since local cinema’s bad boy took the hosting job, the variety show’s ratings skyrocketed trouncing its closest rival. Robin even received rave reviews on his performance, praises that Willie has never received during his entire five years in the show.

She is going to have a grand confirmation and is set to invite some big wigs in ABSCBN and of course the people who have been instrumental to her international career, Oprah Winfrey and David Foster. The Catholic initiation rite follows after releasing her first international album that produced two chart-topping singles like Note to God and Pyramid. The latter now comfortably sits at number one in US Billboard’s  dance charts (the single trumped Rihanna’s Rude Boy). The album itself is Itune’s number six top albums this week based on sales. Well, we can only hope Charice a better career because of these achievements. Don’t we all love Filipinos receiving applause and admiration?

…are not talking about

Iza Calzado
We overheard that this actress is no longer happy about the status of her career in GMA 7. She has been in idle mode after some stars have transferred to Kapuso network. The station is also busy building up new talents so that it could showcase new fresh faces on TV. The matter is, Iza is neither of the two that’s why she is left out expecting for projects. But of course, in time of crisis, someone needs to do something to earn a living. What about hopping to another station? Rumor has it that the Novaliches-based station offers talent fees to stars twice what they are getting in their present stations.

Kris Aquino
The so-called queen of all media seems to be changing her career plans. Kris will give up her two showbiz-oriented talk shows once brother Noynoy sits as the new president. Apparently, the new statement reminds us that she promised to leave the country if ever Sen. Noynoy wins. In that case, Kris will disappoint the 24,000 plus members of the Kris Aquino’s Despedida, a fan group on facebook. If the what we hear were true, Kris will just concentrate on her acting career, which is even worse than not leaving the country at all.

Rafael Rosell
The summer season is far from over most especially that local underwear apparel Bench has just conducted a go-see for it’s another underwear show in July. The casting of models reminds us about Rafael who used to be one of the main men of the clothing brand sporting tiny skivvies. We wonder now why Rafael seems to be missing in action. Even in his mother station, where he used to be playing important roles, he is only being treated like an ordinary talent. Is this the reason why he only settles now in appearing in low-budget films like the one coming out this June?

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