Internet’s most sought after celebrities

Kim Chiu, Marian Rivera, KC Concepcion,Cristine Reyes, and Carla Abellana are probably the most sought after celebrities on the Internet.

One of the best features of WordPress is the stats update. You would know how many people have had visited your blog and what search engine terms did they use to land on your blog. This feature allows me know if my blog is popular, or even helpful to my readers.

From May 18, 2009 to May 18, 2010, the following celebs are the most searched names on my blog (through google) and believe it or not if National Artist Fernando Amorsolo were alive today, he would be still be very popular.

Kapamilya darling Kim Chui has the most number of views followed by GMA 7 primetime queen, Marian Rivera. Mega daughter KC Concepcion follows closely at third while sexy star Christine Reyes is at fourth.

Sure my readers love scandal that is why Krista Ranillo, Hayden Kho and Vicki Belo are part of the list. I’m just wondering why Katrina Halili did not land on top 15 list (she is number 26 though).

Based on my stats, here are the 15 most popular celebrities that were featured on this blog.

Search                                   Views
1. Kim Chiu                4,231
2. Marian Rivera                2,849
3. KC Concepcion              2,539
4. Cristine Reyes                1,709
5. Carla Abellana                1,349
6. Hayden Kho                     1,339
7. Maja Salvador                 1,182
8. Fernando Amorsolo     1,142
9. JC de Vera                         1,069
10. Karylle                                977
11. Krista Ranillo                    945
12. Angel Locsin                     902
13. Robi Domingo                  831
14. Vicki Belo                          820
15. Sarah Geronimo              780

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