James Yap on financial literacy campaign

By  Nickie Wang

Sports celebrity and Kris Aquino’s husband James Yap does not see himself quitting basketball, not in the next five years or so. But if he reaches 35, and feels that his body can no longer sustain the physically demanding sport, then he would bid hard court goodbye rather than to feel embarrassed missing some shots, something he executes with complete ease and precision.

James admits that his passion for basketball will never diminish, but at the prime of his career there is something else he considers as the best legacy he can leave—a better future for his family.

“Anything can happen, especially sa career ko sa basketball. Ang sigurado ko lang, hindi siya pangmatagalan. So habang strong at kumikita ako, I want to make sure na secure na ang future namin,” James expressed.

In a new television spot for Sun Life Financial, the 28-year-old cager cuddles son Baby James while enjoying a precious time together at a park. James holds the hand of the tyke and carries him over his shoulder. While doing that he talks to the kid and says through his heart that perhaps when he grows old, Baby James would be the one to guide him by the hand, but he does not want to be a burden to the kid, so he hopes that he doesn’t grow too fast.

The very sentimental scene encapsulated in a 30-second TV spot, which also sees the popular father and son tandem for the very first time in a project, conveys a very powerful message that it is never too early to prepare for retirement.

The TVC is just one of the promotional materials Sun Life prepared to introduce its newest advocacy dubbed It’s Time!, which is a nationwide project that aims to empower Filipinos so they can achieve financial security.

According to Riza Mantaring, Sun Life Philippines chief executive officer, It’s Time! campaign will run for the next three to four months in key cities nationwide.  To start with, the financial institution has tapped celebrity endorsers starting last year like Pia Magalona who spoke about protection and life insurance; Bam Aquino who spoke about investing; and now James Yap and Baby James who promote preparing for early retirement.

“We call our financial literacy advocacy It’s Time! to compel everyone to make an action. We made several studies and we found out that majority of Filipinos don’t plan for their future,” said Mantaring.

Mantaring added that based on the studies, only 2 percent out of 100 Filipinos aged 65 are financially independent; 45 percent are dependent on relatives; 30 percent are dependent on charity; and 22 percent are forced to still work.

“We want our clients to be financially literate, we want them to experience financial freedom, and we want them to have the ability to know their needs. The advocacy is designed to further educate Filipinos on how to effectively prepare for their future,” the Sun Life official relayed.

To bring the advocacy closer to the people and engage the public better, an on-the-ground activation was launched on Feb. 5 in Shangrila Mall to encourage participation and engagement of the target public and to finally transform awareness of the advocacy into action.

“Most of us are afraid to ask. Since Sun Life goes to the mall, it is now easy for us to approach the people from Sun Life and ask them about the appropriate policy we can avail,” Pia Magalona, policy holder for 20 years now, told the press during the on-the-ground activation.

Pia was joined by Bam Aquino who spoke about the importance of starting the habit of investing early and regularly.

“There are campaigns that ask you what’s wrong, this campaign tells you what to do,” said Bam.

The campaign will tour different malls in Metro Manila and in the provinces until May 10. Special activities and prizes are in store at the Sun Life booth and a grand prize of a trip to Switzerland will be raffled off among all who signed up as advocates of It’s Time!. For more information, visit www. itstime.com.ph.

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