Drinking the Absolut way

By Nickie Wang

Anything in excess is bad. It may be a cliché but it works most especially when we talk about liquor and other forms of alcohol. They are created for specific purposes but taking too much will definitely cause intoxication.

Bartenders will not tell you when you had too much alcohol. They wouldn’t care how you will get home safely. It is at this point that “enjoy with Absolut responsibility” can come into play. The phrase has been Absolut Vodka’s constant reminder to all consumers of legal age.

“As an alcohol brand, we encourage our consumers to drink responsibly. For instance, we don’t promote the product to minors and discourage our consumers from drinking if they are to handle any kind of machinery,” Björn Olsson, beverage consultant and Absolut Brand Ambassador, told the Standard Today.

Olsson flew all the way from Sweden to conduct Absolut 101, A Course in Good Taste. The event, which took place at the posh The Establishment in Taguig City, is an out of the ordinary vodka appreciation for Manila’s most tasteful and discriminating crowd.

“I am here for a three-day event. After this exclusive course, I will conduct two more seminars on how to make distinctive cocktails,” Olsson said, “I’m also here to explain more about the one source concept.”

According to Olsson, Absolut Vodka has maintained quality because all of the products under the brand name are produced in a small village in the southern region of Sweden called Åhus (which literally means “a house by the river”). The village, with its 10,000 inhabitants, may not be big enough to show up on atlas, but the vodka distilled there is known around the globe. “In fact, every drop of Absolut Vodka consumed in the world comes from this one source.”

The Swedish beverage consultant opened the vodka appreciation course by taking all the guests into a quick virtual trip to Sweden. A big video wall and several plasma screens around the area showed the place where the world’s most iconic spirits brand comes from. With video aids, Olsson also detailed the unique process called continuous distillation where Absolut Vodka is distilled hundreds of times until all impurities are removed.

“And the practice continues even when they wash the bottles with the same liquid that goes in it,” said Olsson whose enthusiasm captivated the crowd.

Absolut Vodka is one of the top selling vodka brands in 126 markets all over the world. Experts agree that what makes it a cut above the rest is its extraordinary taste and character. Apart from letting people appreciate vodka, it touches the lives of so many people as it is a staunch supporter of the arts, music and fashion among others. And of course, in any event that it is part of, where almost everyone manages to have a drink or two, every bottle of Absolut comes with a constant reminder: “Enjoy with Absolut responsibility.”

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