A very special Sarah

By Nickie Wang

If we type Sarah Geronimo’s name into the search box of leading websites and search engines, what we’d get are positive search results- string of phrases about the popular young star. For a local celebrity to have more than a million search results under her name means a lot. Good thing they can also be abbreviated in a short striking phrase – Sarah is a massive star.

From a struggling contestant in singing competitions to being a pop music royalty, Sarah has remained humble and down-to-earth. Her good attitude towards other people probably is the best quality known to her fans. That’s the reason she remains on top of her game and continues to dominate even serious gambles she takes like acting and product endorsing.

Though she’s already a certified Box Office Queen, Sarah’s main goal this year is to still polish her acting skill. That goal is influenced by a project with Judy Ann Santos, a dramedy for release in April. It doesn’t have a title yet but the cast has started shooting already last week.

“We had a great time brainstorming for the movie and I know it’s going to be a fun project because I already read the script. It doesn’t have a title yet but since Wenn Deramas is directing the film, for sure it’s going to be a good one when finished,” Sarah told the Standard Today during a post-Christmas party she and her family prepared for the entertainment press.

Apart from a movie with Judy Ann, Sarah will also be in another film t with a top leading man. Sure everybody expects for another John Lloyd-Sarah love team on the big screen. Although the third installment of A Very Special Love has been confirmed the powerful box-office pair must give way first to Luis-Sarah tandem. The singer/actress will be paired with Luis Manzano in a movie under the ABS-CBN’s Star Cinema.

“It’s not going to be an intimate love team. The movie is a comedy with just a little touch of romance. I am very excited to work with Luis. I want know if we have onscreen chemistry,” she said.

Mother knows best

Sarah’s family members, most especially her mother, have been naturally supportive of her career. They are always part of every decision she makes. Probably that defines why at 21 she has not had any kind of romantic relationship.

Her mother told the press (in Tagalog), “It’s not a question of age but right now she has a brighter career. We are only taking good care of it. We are not saying that we don’t want Sarah to have any boyfriend or suitor but of course we want her to have someone, other than our family, as her inspiration. We pray, that in His time, Sarah would find someone who is emotionally, spiritually, mentally, and financially dependable.”

As she keeps her feet on the ground, Sarah remains obedient and honors the advice of her parents. She also considers the life she and her family had before entering showbiz by putting her career first before any other priorities.

“I also visualize myself being in a romantic situation, but I don’t really see myself in it anytime soon because I’m not yet ready to handle that kind of relationship. You see, I’m balancing my career and studies and my relationship with my family,” Sarah explained pointing out her limitations and boundaries.

More projects

Making movies is her first main focus this year but that doesn’t her singing career will take the backseat. At the later part of 2009, she released two albums namely Music and Me and Your Christmas Girl. Both records have reached platinum status after a month of being out in the market. She is still keen promoting those albums.

“My movies, concerts, and albums were very successful but honestly everything was unexpected. That is the reason why I am very thankful to God and to all the people who support me. This time I’m going to try being a real actress, we wouldn’t know, maybe the successes of the movies I am part of were just accidental,” the 21-year-old star said.

Part of being an effective endorser, Sarah will come up with a two-minute micro-series for hair product brand Sunsilk.

“It will be shown everyday as a commercial and every Sunday we are going to break in new episodes. I can’t say anything more about it yet since we haven’t started shooting the episodes. I also don’t have any idea on the people I’m going to work with, and that makes it more interesting,” she said.

Like everybody else, Sarah looks forward to a better career and promises herself that she’s going to make sound decisions to balance her personal and professional life.

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