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Is Rufa Mae ready to settle down?

By Nickie Wang

The answer is a big yes! And her wedding is already planned out. According to the actress-comedienne, the wedding is scheduled sometime in June. It’s not her dream to be a June bride though but it in that month most of her showbiz commitments will be finished.

The next question is: Who is the lucky groom? That’s the same question we have been asking Rufa Mae Quinto when Viva Artist Agency (VAA) arranged a press conference for the sexy comedienne.

“He’s a Filipino and also a Kapampangan, and he’s seven years older than me,” she said, keeping the details to herself. And when asked if her boyfriend is a businessman, she cheerfully replied: “He’s a Jack of all trades.”

The identity of the lucky man is still obscure that even her colleagues in Showbiz Central haven’t seen the person that she claims owns her heart now. Is he just a head trip, an imaginary boyfriend, or there’s indeed a real person behind Rufa Mae’s insignificant descriptions?

“Ilan lang sa mga close friends ko ang nakakilala na sa kanya,” she admitted and said the wedding will take place in Cebu.

Calendar girl

Wearing a revealing skimpy red mini dress, Rufa Mae greeted every member of the entertainment press sitting around a long table in Steak House, the usual venue of VAA press conferences and events.

“Nandito tayo kasi wala lang, I’ll be very busy from today until May next year,” she started in her peculiar manner of speaking, and of course with some great sense of humor.

Aside from her regular shows like Showbiz Central, Bubble Gang, and Darna (as Francesca), she will appear again on the cover of men’s magazine FHM (she first appeared on the cover of the glossy magazine in 2000, then in 2004).

“May mga term kasi yan so tapos na ang term nila, ako na ulit,” the 31-year-old comedienne jested. “Parang calendar girl lang di ba, then March, graduation ng mga kapatid ko, tapos noon Holy Week, at sa May birthday ko na.”

She enumerated the first months of the year just to connect them to the month of May, which will mark another milestone in her career. “Yes I’m going to have another concert, super major general na yan to the highest level.”

She also revealed that after her birthday, which is on May 28, she is set to release an album tentatively titled Rufa Mae Tats Your Heart.

“The title is like that because I’m collaborating with Tats Faustino. It’s under Viva Records by the way,” she said and added that she composed a song entitled Shining Through the Rain especially for the album, the only problem is, she couldn’t remember how to sing it.

“You should understand, katatapos ko lang mag-taping,” she said, obviously an alibi.

To the highest level

Having finished four movies this year alone (which is actually her yearly average, with 10 films as her record in 1997), she has nothing more to ask for. “Except for peace of mind and the success of Wapakman,” she quipped.

Metro Manila Film Festival entry Wapakman puts Rufa Mae in the role of a mother with five children and a wife to pound-for-pound king Manny Pacquiao. The film also stars Keanna Reeves, Bianca King, Polo Ravales and the ubiquitous Krista Ranillo. The comedienne is actually Pacman’s leading lady in the film and not the controversial daughter of Matt Ranillo III. But why is it that Krista is the one being linked to the boxing superstar?

“They always ask me that question pero I prefer to remain quiet about it. It’s hard to comment, kasama ko silang lahat. Hindi ko rin alam ang personal issues na pinagdadaanan nila. So I say, let’s just leave it to them,” was her play-it-safe answer asking the entertainment press not to involve her name anymore since the issue includes a relationship of a family that already got affected.

But being in Krista’s shoes, the comedienne said that it’s quite hard being the center of everybody’s attention. She made clear that during the shoot of Wapakman, she didn’t see or talk to the young actress by any chance.

“We have different call time kasi at hindi talaga kami nagkikita sa set,” and added that she’s not in the right position to give any advice to her much talked about co-star, so what she just said that made everybody laughed was: “All I can say is that she’s cute, and so are we!”

Rufa Mae, who made a name for herself in the movie Booba, which has become her popular moniker and a character the audience has come to always expect from her, is quite contented with her career. She might not quit showbiz after her marriage with the very intriguing guy so it means that we can still see much of her delivering nutritious punchlines, and revealing outfit, if her husband-to-be would permit it.

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