People 12.19.09

…are talking about

Krista Ranillo

Members of the entertainment press patiently waited for her at the NAIA to get a scoop only to find out that she was whisked away by airport officials. The ubiquitous sexy starlet was expected to answer all the questions that put her in the limelight. But instead of facing the media and all the people who are waiting in bated breath, Krista makes a guest appearance in one of primetime’s most watched series, May Bukas Pa. Can the miracle boy change the fate of the controversial actress or is it just part of the whole damage control scheme that both Manny’s and Krista’s camps have been doing all along?

Muelmar Magallanes

Richard Gutierrez should feel inutile if he would look back in the catastrophe brought by storm Ondoy. This guy whose name is practically unknown now inspires a lot of people around the world. He didn’t have a jet ski or a rubber boat to save a damsel in distress, but he used his own skill and genuine concern to others by saving at least 30 people including an infant that was almost swept away by the floods. That was just a heroic deed enough for him to land in Time Magazines’ top 10 heroes of 2009. Unfortunately, his heroism claimed his own life.


There’s something for everyone in this year’s edition of Metro Manila Film Festival. There’s comedy, drama, horror, and a cacophony of the three genres in one crappy film. From Dec. 25 until Jan. 3, we have no choice but to watch these films because they are the only available movies in out theaters, and we wouldn’t be surprised if the MMDA’s target revenue for this year’s festival would be met. If this year’s entries are the so-called salvation of the Philippine Cinema, it is safe to say that there’s hope but not enough to refuel the industry’s lifeline.

…are not talking about

Sharon Cuneta

Are the roles available to her have become limited to just being a mother or a housewife? With her frame and current body weight, the answer to the question is a huge yes. We are not making any suggestion (like lose weight?) but we are just stating the obvious. The mega star, who is still furious for losing an inheritance from her late father (as if her fortune is not enough), will hit the theaters again. We are just wondering if her movie with Richard Gomez would still push through since she hasn’t trimmed down.

Piolo Pascual

He is considered as one of the top leading men on television and in the movies but why is that his popularity failed to bring Lovers In Paris at the top of the ratings game? The localized version of the famous Korean series ended poorly in the ratings. Maybe the viewers were not interested in his onscreen tandem with KC Concepcion. Or could be that the viewing public thinks that he’s too old to be paired with younger actresses? Anyway, his singing career is quite successful, he could focus on that and get another platinum record award.

StarStruck V

The newest edition of the reality talent show has been airing for several weeks now, and since the day it started, we haven’t heard any names or seen any face potential to be stars. Looking at the products of this reality show, we are no longer surprised. You see, we are not asking why the Kapuso Network is in need of new talents because we understand the situation. Give us your ten fingers and let’s start counting the celebrity wannabes who used StarStruck as springboard of their career. Now we give you our five fingers to name the ones who turned out successful in the attempt.

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