Judging people by body size

By Nickie Wang

We judge people all the time, it’s a fact.

Whether it’s on size, looks, the clothes someone’s wearing, or even his or her character, we have got something to say about the person we meet every day, and more often than not, it’s not all praises.

This is one of the reasons why everybody wants to conform to the society. Everybody wants to look like everyone else so when you’re comparatively a little bit oversized, then you are forced to find ways to eliminate unwanted pounds and fats around your body. But the problem is, it’s not an easy task. It takes discipline and some great amount of physical effort.

Back in the Middle Ages, people with larger body size had greater status in the society because they had actually more food on their tables. Similarly, plus-sized women were considered sexier compared to their skinny counterparts. These were the old ideas, now the norm is completely opposite. Women are expected to be slender, and the word actually means thin, whilst men are expected to be slim and well-toned.

Getting in better shape is now on everybody’s list and normally someone would plan to start the task with buying weight-loss books and magazines, enrolling in weight-loss clubs in Fitness First, or purchasing exercise equipment usually seen on home TV shopping channels.

Be a loser to be a winner

Losing pounds is not an easy thing to do. Everybody doesn’t have access to a personal trainer or nutritionist and sometimes most people find it hard to visit the gym perhaps because they feel shy or there’s no driving force that motivates them.

Obesity is no longer a personal issue. It is fast becoming a social concern because there are numerous health problems associated with it, not to mention the instances when overweight people are bullied. This one causes depression, and to some people to overcome it, they tend to eat more and more until the calories pile up causing more unwanted pounds.

Celebrity mother Ruby Rodriguez is aware of that fact. Ruby weighs more than 90 kilos and for the past 18 years she has taken advantage of her size to entertain people in the noontime show in which she’s a part of. But recently she was stricken by an occurrence that pushed her to try to lose weight.

“I had to transfer my little boy to a different school because his schoolmates bully him. They say, ‘you’re mother is fat,’ and that’s not good for my kid,” sobs Ruby in a VTR for The Biggest Loser Asia.

After 18 “fat” long years, the comedienne and host has decided to do something not just to take care of her health and live longer for her children but also to feel good about her physical self.

Ruby is one of the 2000 applicants all around the region (Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia) who auditioned for the Asian edition of the American unscripted show called The Biggest Loser.

Unlike most competition shows, the heart-warming unscripted series challenges its contestants to lose to win. That is, to lose as much of the unhealthy weight they have piled on their bodies over the years. The one who loses the most weight wins the grand prize of $100,000 (or almost P5 million) and a brand-new Renault car.

Path to weight loss

Thirty residents of Asia will be selected and led by fitness trainers Dave Nuku and Kristy Curtis in daily physical activity on The Biggest Loser Asia camp in Malacca, Malaysia.

It will be a drastic change of events for the contestants. Female contestants will have to survive on a daily maximum diet of 1,200 calories, whilst the men are limited to 1,500 calories a day.

Follow the rigorous training of 30 overweight men and women from four different countries and be inspired by the positive message of health and living life to the fullest.

The Biggest Loser Asia is a pan-regional production produced by Imagine Group and hosted by Malaysian celebrity Sarimah Ibrahim. It premiered on Nov. 24, airs every Tuesday at 9 p.m. on Hallmark Channel (Sky Cable channel 37, Global Destiny channel 38, and Dream Satellite channel 43).

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