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Claudine Barretto transfers to GMA 7

Claudine Barreto has just signed a two-year contract with GMA 7 earlier today. After several months of no visible exposure in her mother network, the optimum star decided to shift loyalty.

It can be recalled that last month, Claudine signed a two-movie contract with Viva films. Eventhough she was still part of the Star Magic Concert earlier this month, the actress does not appear in ABSCBN Christmas station ID.

Her planned teleserye project with Gretchen is now shelved, but her project with husband Raymart will push through of course, because it will air on Kapuso channel.

To whatever triggered Claudine to transfer to ABSCBN’s rival station is yet to be revealed in the upcoming days!

26 thoughts on “Claudine Barretto transfers to GMA 7

  1. i am happy with it… i’ve loved claudine eversince… i know others are surely disappointed but it’s as much as i have been disappointed when angel shifted to the other network and like forgetting where she had started… i still like her though… but not as much as before…


  2. claudine is a liar. she said that she just said that her loyalty is in abs-cbn and why all of a suddened she signed a contract to the rival network.

    she has no word of honor…

    she will be losyang na after the transfer. imagine, she will have many projects in gma. just like marian rivera, her soap is not yet ended yet she’ll tape another for the next soap. gma doesn’t give their stars any break that’s why its very tiring to even look at her…

  3. I’m sure Claudine Barretto has her reasons for transferring to GMA. It is with ABS-CBN that I am disappointed. They did not take better care of Claudine in the last year or so… Claudine is a multi-awarded actress, as well as a two-time box-office queen. She should have been given great films and TV shows by ABS-CBN.

    • U’r right Thea! ABS made a huge mistake when they allowed Clau to go to GMA. Unless, Clau really wanted to transfer, there’s no point of offering her good projects.

  4. Am more disappointed than anything else.. ung caliber kasi ng acting at professionalism ni Claudine ay pang ABS-CBN na level na… and then demoting herself to GMA… for sure mamimiss sya ng mga TFC fans nia, I for one will surely miss her face in ABS and Star Cinema..
    Sayang, sana hindi nila pinayagan.. there must be some reasons, usually naman kapag may nagpapaalam sa ABS hindi nila basta-basta pinapayagan, bakit kaya nila pinayagan si Claudine.. she’s been with them for 17 years, she grew up with them, di naman gaya ni Angel Locsin nun, na di naman nagsimula nung bata pa sa GMA.. She was even very vocal how she loves the people in the network.
    What happend to this world?haaay, kakalungkot. Goodluck na lang Clau, I know and I have this feeling you won’t have any good quality projects anymore, we’ll surely miss you. I hope you made the right decision..

  5. i was an issue before, since feb. 2009, that claudine will transfer to GMA 7, but it wasn’t broadcast. And now she revelled to the public that she is now on GMA7. I am very happy with her, I am Kapuso lover.

  6. i agree, magaling na aktres talaga siya. inalagaan nag ABS-CBN for 17 years, true blooded Star Magic taz biglang lumipat..hay..disheartening!:( KApamilya ako eh! gusto ko tala c claudine pero ayoko talaga ng mga artistang lumilipat..hay!

  7. The whole Philippines will miss her(Abs is the NO.1 station in the Philippines not just Manila)… The whole world will miss her(TFC, obviously)… In short… alam nyo na…

  8. It was a heartbreaking since I heard that Claudine shifts to the rival network. Claudine is a big big talent to ABS. She possess so much talent especially in acting. Her professionalism leads her to gain so much awards and fame. I was also dismayed when I saw her on the GMA7 telebabad trailer. It seems that she doesn’t fit to be a kapuso star. Her high level of being an actress don’t deserve to be in a cheap station like GMA7 (pardon to my words). I just hope that she will be awake one day on this horrifying incubus.

    • hey!
      watch your mouth sickko!
      gma 7 is cheap?
      then buy gma 7 if gma 7 is cheap….

      you’re not even rich, aren’t you?
      because descent person like me knows
      when and where should i shut my

      ——B – i – t – c -h——

  9. Yes! i’m very glad!
    and i hope she will not renew her contract after two years…..

    i can’t predict the future so i hope she will not renew…

    i am not like others who thinks that they can predict the FUTURE….

    others are even saying that she made a wrong decision…

    she didn’t made the wrong decision but her home network did…..

    GMA 7 rules best even here in amsterdam, the netherlands…..

    abs-cbn is nice but their tfc have a bad quality……
    GMA is nice too and pinoy tv have a high definition quality even though it is so EXPENSIVE.

    • I totally agree with you! GMA is the best station for me and there’s nothing to be worried about Claudine’s Decision. She made a right choice. I don’t love ABS CBN anyway. All of their soaps are more on drama. They should have focused to other type of it…..

  10. i dnt knw wat to feel..disappointed i guess,not bec she jump to gma,but bec i wouldnt be able to watch her anymore…they dnt watch gma here bec of the poor signal…i sure gonna miss claudine.

  11. hayyy..kalungkot..makapal pa kilay nya nasa ABS n cia…she’s like Megastar to me..khit d muh makita ng ilang taon sa TV.. you know she’s talented..but now.. i don’t know..nglevel down tingin ko sa knya..

  12. Lok wat hapnd 2 camiLLe, ptrick, joLina, etc.. . . . .
    maiinitan k Lng jan sa knguso at d kna mgi2ng gnun kganda sa t.v kc fanget kuLay nLa..

  13. @ *toot*= what the hell toot? you’re the one who’s not being decent here! you can’t even speak proper english lol gawd don’t even try speaking in english, if you can’t speak it with proper grammar lol you’re a DISGRACE!

    I personally think that GMA is a cheap station because the quality of their shows are crap…I feel sorry for Claudine . Her future shows won’t be as nice anymore. And I LOVE ABS-CBN!! All their shows have top ratings and they’ve delivered high quality shows in the past and even up to now. Though it is a shame to lose Claudine, there are other greater actresses than her in ABS which are much smarter as they chose to stay with the station. I just hope Clau won’t regret her decision as she is a superb actress as well. It’s too bad I won’t be able to see her anymore on TFC.

    BTW TFC is better than GMA pinoy TV because it never loses signal(so the shows are never abrupted), cheaper and delivers high quality shows from back home. you can also pause, rewind, stop, fast forward and replay the shows so you will never miss a second of it:)

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