Top-grossing Pinoy films of 2009

As of October 4, 2009, the top-grossing  film in the Philippines is Sarah Geronimo and John Lloyd Cruz starrer, You Changed My Life. Based on the data released by Box Office Mojo, the movie has earned more than 4.7 million US dollars in Metro Manila alone.

Here is the list of top-grossing local films of 2009:

1. You Changed My Life              Star Cinema/Viva  Php 230.44 million

2. In My Life                                    Star Cinema                        117.96 million

3. BFF (Best Friends Forever)  Star Cinema                       107.69 million

4. Tenement 2                                 Star Cinema                         86.45 million

5. Kimmy Dora                               Spring Films                        77.36 million

6. Love Me Again                          Star Cinema                         67.07 million

7. When I Met U                            GMA Films                           64.29 million

8. And I Love You So                  Star Cinema                         54.09 million

9. Villa Estrella                              Star Cinema                         50.08 million

10. Sundo                                         GMA Films                           47.18 million

…and the losers as of  October 4, 2009 are:

11. Yaya & Angelina                     GMA Films                          46.24 million

12. OMG (Oh, My Girl!)                Regal Films                         22.45 million

13. Tarot                                           Regal Films                         18.14 million

14. LOL (Love on Line)            OctoArts Films/APT          14.70 million

15. Status: Single                       Viva Film                                 11.47 million

16. Ded na si Lolo                      APT Entertainment               6.11 million

17. Nandito ako…Nagmamahal sa ‘yo    Regal Films         3.45 million

18. Manila                                    Star Cinema                                 .68 million

19. Sumpa                                                                                              .26 million

One response to “Top-grossing Pinoy films of 2009

  1. too bad for ded na si lolo… one of the most funny and touching movie i’ve seen after tanging ina. pero ung mga nasa top 10 nman npanuod ko lahat except for sundo and when i met you… magaganda naman.. hindi ko lang nagustuhan ang love me again saka t2 (ganda nung trailer pero ung movie very disappointing)…

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