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Pop star Patrizio is an Italian delight

By Nickie Wang

patrizioListening to the music of Italian pop star Patrizio Buanne is like drinking the finest wines in Italy. The experience is sweet, romantic and can go as far as intoxicating if you let yourself be in a trance with his elegant and captivating voice.

Patrizio is an Italian baritone who is making a name for himself as an international entertainer with numerous sold-out shows across Europe. He has just sold his one millionth record through the help of his growing fan base in Australia, United States, UK, South Africa, and in some parts of Asia. He has performed before prominent people like United States President George W. Bush and Pope John Paul II.

“It’s a dream, yes, but it is something that I’ve been doing ever since. I keep on doing it because the applause of the audience inspires me. It gives me a unique feeling,” the 31-year-old crooner told Standard Today in a phone interview.

As soon as he heard our voice he said “Let’s rock and roll” in a very enthusiastic manner. Patrizio instantly showed his humorous side by telling us “I’m not calling you, you’re the one who is calling me” and greeted us again as if he was welcoming someone to his hometown.

“I’m right here in my hometown, Napoli [Naples],” he said pronouncing every single English word with his unmistakably Italian accent and gave us a little lesson in pronouncing his name (pronounced as PA-TRIT-SIO).

We had a casual conversation with Patrizio. The singer told us his whole activity for the day. We asked him if he ever gets tired doing those things and he gave us a very interesting reply that pronounces his unique passion and tireless devotion.

“I’m busy but I like it that way because it gives me an idea that there are people who want me and interested in me as an artist. If you’re not busy then it means you’re not productive.”

Patrizio is one of the classic examples of talent and good looks but it is also the reason why some people doubt his singing flair. But the “voice of romance” also had to convince his audience that he is not just some dashing artist who poses at the center stage and holds the microphone.

At the age of 11, Patrizio had the first of his many appearances in talent contests. With the conviction at such an early age to, ultimately, become a singer and actor, he ended up winning all the competitions he ever participated in.

“My real ambition is to become an international recording artist that’s why I’m investing my own money to approach record companies and international concert promoters. So if you could make a suggestion and tell Ricky [Reyes] to bring me to Manila then that would be great,” the singer said and revealed that Ricky Reyes is a friend of his and that the TV host and beauty expert hosted a dinner party for him sometime in October 2006.

His multicultural upbringing allows him to communicate with different nationalities and at the same time introduce his music. He speaks fluent Italian, German, English, French and Spanish. His aptitude for languages is admirable that he can also converse in Slavic language and Polish.

“Because of that, I’m a very open-minded. My upbringing allows me to know and associate with more people. As a matter of fact, I can sing Freddie Aguillar’s ‘Anak.’ I learned that song when I visited the Philippines in 2006,” Patrizio’s another interesting revelation.

The charming crooner is more popularly known for the Italian version of Robbie Williams’ “Angels”, which became his first radio hit in the United States. It is part of the second album called Forever Begins Tonight. On the other hand, his first album entitled The Italian reached platinum status in many different parts of the world and produced several hits that furthered Patrizio’s status as a certified international entertainer in spite of not having professional music management.

Now, as he finds Warner Music as his home, he recorded another album with a vision of reaching a much wider audience. In the third album simply called Patrizio, the pop star collaborated with legendary music producer, Humberto Gatica.

“People know I’m an Italian and with my new album, I want to introduce myself—a person, an artist, who is more mature in all sense of the word—ready to accept bigger responsibilities and challenges,” he said.

Patrizio ended our conversation saying that he would love to visit the Philippines again so he could personally introduce the album that he considers very close to his heart.

“It talks about me and how I emerged or developed as an artist. This is a part of me that I can share with people who find my music interesting. I create songs that are timeless and romantic. My music reflects a good heart. And I believe that having a good heart is the richest thing in this world,” Patrizio said before he humbly bade goodbye.

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