Derek Ramsay’s way to healthy living

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Health and weight-conscious men (and also women) who spend hours lifting weights and doing crunches in health clubs and fitness gyms should learn from celebrity hunk Derek Ramsay. He doesn’t go to the gym but exercises regularly at home. He does a hundred pushups every morning, engages in physical activities like sports, and eats the right food. Isn’t it the best way to get in shape?

“If time permits, I try to go to the gym but because of my busy schedule I make an effort to find other ways to keep myself mentally and physically healthy,” actor and commercial model Derek explained.

A proof of his hectic schedule, after his stint in the afternoon comedy drama series Ang Lalaking Nagmahal Sa Akin, he now focuses on filming I Love You Goodbye. The film is Star Cinema’s entry for this year’s Metro Manila Film Festival that stars Kim Chiu, Gabby Concepcion and Derek’s real-life girlfriend, Angelica Panganiban.

The actor is also aware that his profession is demanding. Just like appearing in a series or in a movie, he needs to be physically presentable. So amid hectic schedule, Derek still maintains a balanced lifestyle. He takes time to swim and play sport to keep himself in better shape. And of course he complements his active lifestyle by eating healthy and taking a rest whenever possible.

To further establish himself as a health-conscious personality, Derek officially joins the roster of top celebrity endorsers of famous brand Century Tuna via a new television commercial. In the commercial, the actor is paired with an equally sexy female Brazilian model and they both sizzle as they flaunt their enviable bodies.

“I am very active and I have this strange habit, I eat almost every two hours, I have this very fast metabolism and it all started when my parents introduced me to sports at a very young age. Canned tuna like the one I’m endorsing now is high in protein, which my body really needs. With all the physical activities that I do, I really need the protein in my body,” the 29-year-old actor shared.

Apart from the new commercial, Derek has others, and noting that they are trusted brands, they further the actor’s status as one of the most effective celebrity endorsers.

“I can say that I’m very lucky because it’s very rare that you get to endorse a product. I don’t know if you’re aware but I’ve been eating Century Tuna even before I was in the States or before settling here in the Philippines ,” Derek revealed.

The hunk actor even explained that he has several considerations in endorsing a product. He made clear that the product must complement his personality and lifestyle. In other words, he will not promote such product that he does not believe in.

Similarly, Century Tuna believes that Derek is the best person to endorse the new product, Century Corned Tuna, which comes in regular and chili variants. According Angela Gamboa, senior product manager of the brand, Derek has all the qualities that speak of the brand.

“He is very visible on television and we’ve noticed that most of his endorsements emphasize nutrition and healthy lifestyle,” the Century Tuna official affirmed.

Aside from getting credible celebrities like Derek, the official added that as the country’s top tuna brand, it has always been their commitment to bring delicious and healthy tuna experience to Filipino consumers.

“We would like to emphasize that we did a nutrition information comparison of our corned tuna versus other corned tunas available in the market. And we found out that they are almost the same, we have the same energy and fats contents, we both don’t have trans fat in our products, The only difference is our product doesn’t contain sodium, meaning it is not salty therefore it is much healthier,” the official ended.

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